The niche perfumes edit

January 17, 2018

Did you notice how a lot of popular perfumes tend to smell similar? I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so, I don't know how many times people told me about perfume twins, aka perfumes that smell like one another. Back when beauty game was much more glamorous, people used to mix perfumes they have to get an unique note. Imagine how strong those scents were, considering that their notes were more intense than perfumes today. I'm not an expert on perfumes and don't mind having a scent ''everybody else has''. If I find a scent that I really like, I'll buy it and use it until I get bored. To be quite honest the getting bored part actually never happened, my perfumes are like children to me, I love them equally. 😂 But, if you like to have different and unique things and are more into cleaner good quality beauty products, niche perfumes are for you. I love them for other reasons, the whole philosophy behind niche perfumes, the fact that each brand (and even each scent) has it's story and aesthetic, that's what I like.

How to wear sweaters and skirts

January 11, 2018

If you are one of those people who avoid wearing skirts during winter keep on reading. I have a theory that if you are wearing warm clothes on either top or bottom, you will not be cold. Remember all those people wearing flip-flops and shorts with thick hoodies? That's why they do it, it all makes sense now. 😂 Sweater and a skirt is not exactly a revolutionary invention, but it gained its popularity recently. If you tried paring them and noticed it doesn't really look good, here's what to do to make sure your outfit looks amazing.

Ako ste od onih ljudi koji izbegavaju da nose suknje tokom zime, nastavite da čitate. Imam teoriju da ako nosite toplu odeću ili gore ili dole, neće vam biti hladno. Setite se samo onih ljudi koji nose japanke sa debelim duksevima. Eto zbog čega to rade, sada sve ima smisla. 😂 Džemper sa suknjom nije revolucionarni izum, ali je odnedavno jako popularan. Ako ste probali da ih nosite zajedno, a to nije dobro ispalo, evo šta da radite da bi izgledalo sjajno.

Contouring with Kat Von D palette

January 10, 2018

You remember the times when the only contouring options for pale people were orange bronzers? I know, we are all glad those times are over. It all started with the now famous NYX Taupe. Although it was technically a blush (doubling as an matte eyeshadow) contouring fanatics on the lighter side of skin colour spectrum soon discovered it was an excellent contouring powder. Let me remind you this was back when creme contouring was not the standard and everyone thought powders were the only option for long lasting contours. I myself tried this blush for contouring and I still have it (I guess for nostalgic reasons), Although it did look a bit patchy sometimes it worked great most of the time, especially if you had a model grade smooth and silky skin (then probably it never ever looked patchy on you).

Matching greys

January 09, 2018

Sometimes outfits don't have to be super interesting to be pretty. Yes, there is a difference. If you like pairing the pieces in the same colour, then you know. And it's also quite a nice change to wear simpler looks from time to time. I don't know how many of these simple gray sweaters I have and I love all of them. They are so easy to wear and style. Here I paired the crop sweater with these lovely pants form ERDEM for H&M collection. They are so comfortable and warm, I feel like I could wear them all the time, even when it's really cold. I've really been loving my Furla Metropolis bag, although it is small and you can only fit certain amount of stuff inside. I feel like that's the case with all smaller bags. You love wearing them because it's so nice not to carry a heavy bag, but you always miss the fact that you can fit your house in the bigger bag. 😂


January 08, 2018

It turns out people don't realize this one shoulder thing. My sister tried to figure out the weather in which you can wear this blouse, concluding that one arm needs to be in the winter and the other one in the spring. Also, my Mom kept trying to pull the free ruffle over my shoulder and convince me that it's the other way to wear this blouse. It didn't really hold, after all you are meant to wear it with one bare shoulder. I also have another one sleeve dress that people find lovely, but confusing. 😂 To me they look so gorgeous and delicate and I don't really dress for the weather (not saying this is a good thing) so I can wear them whenever. After the years of taking outfit photos you do get used to wearing thin clothes in freezing weather. Don't try it at home, though. 😃 Yesterday when I took these photos was not one of those days, it was actually unbelievably warm for January. Which is a dream of every blogger. I feel like I've already published so many posts with ruffles so there's nothing new I can say about them. I just love wearing them.

How to get perfect brows

January 07, 2018

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate today! With the twist of fate this year I did beauty posts on both last day of 2017. and Christmas. Well, it was more with the twist of the calendar, I do beauty posts on Sundays. Anyways, let's talk about a subject dear to every makeup and beauty lover, brows. Eyebrows are to 2010s what blush was to 1980s and sparkly lip gloss to 2000s. I remember when the brow craze started and around 2011., 2012. everybody was walking with brows to strong for their facial features. I'm not the one to judge, I had my own brow experiments gone wrong (more about that later), but it is a fact that eyebrows can drastically effect the way your face looks. More than any other area of the face. Except maybe lips if they are too big. 

Now, first of all, I have to say my brows are completely natural. I never did any of brow tattooing, micro blading, threading, etc. I even never had my brows plucked by anyone else except myself. Since the age of 12 I've been tweezing my brows on my own and with the exception of over plucking them twice and leaving them too thick once it's been working well for me. Also, I sometimes colour them a bit with Titania Eyebrow & Eyelash Dye, if I feel they don't match my hair colour well. You are supposed to have brows two shades lighter than your hair if your hair is brown, and if it's blond two shades darker. I don't really follow this, I decide the colour of my brows by looking for a colour I like. This dye is not very permanent, it washes off after I while, but I still like it. Here I'll go through all the steps to get perfect brows if you are doing it all by yourself at home.


Even if you want your brows to look completely natural you'll have to pluck them at least a bit. Except if you like the shape of unplucked brows, which is totally fine, but I assume that people who do wouldn't even click on this post. I find that you can't really pluck your brows perfectly without good tweezers. Sharp ones that are not to hard but not to easy to squeeze work the best for me. I used to be afraid of sharp tweezers (mainly because my Mom taught me that all sharp beauty tools are bad) and I had two pairs of non sharp tweezers so I could pluck all the hair I wanted to be gone. Then I got a pair of Tweezerman tweezers and never looked back. They are truly the best tweezers you can get, in my opinion. You can (as every beauty book suggests) brush your brows before and during plucking, but I do it after the plucking and before filling them in. Any old brow brush will work, I had one from Sephora but it broke in my makeup bag so now I have this one from Oriflame and they are both pretty much the same.

Filling them in

I tried every single product for filling in the brows known to mankind. Shadows, waxes, mascaras, markers... Like a lot of people I found my favourite among Anastasia Beverly Hills products, their DIPBROW pomade. I've been using it for the past two years and I love it. Which brow product you'll use depends a lot on personal preferences so you have to test and try them until you find your favourite one. With my brow pomade I use Sigma Small angle E65 brush and that's pretty much the only brush I use for brow gels/pomades.


This is an additional step and you don't necessary need it and honestly I skip it for the most of the time. I used to fix my eyebrows with hairspray. Obviously, you don't spray it directly on your brows, that would make a huge mess and can potentially hurt you eyes. All you need to do is spray a little bit of hairspray on your finger and gently apply it on your brow. This is a great way to make sure your brows look amazing, still I find that it works the best when you are filling them in with eyeshadow. Recently I discovered a brow fixing product I like a lot, Sephora Universal Brow Freeze. It's basically a wax in a pencil and it complements my brow pomade perfectly.

White shoes after Labor day

January 06, 2018

One of the first ''fashion rules'' I learnt was that you shouldn't wear white shoes after Labor day. If you never heard of it, it's an American holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. The idea behind this is that white footwear only belongs to spring and summer months and those outfits including frilly dresses and denim shorts. Which is a good idea in theory, but what will you do if you really want to wear white shoes, and it's lets say, a day after Labor day? 😂 Also there are many boots that are white these days, white Moon boots for example (not a big fan of these, I'm not gonna lie). This all brings us to a conclusion (something we probably already knew): there should be no rules in fashion. But, of course, I have some tips for you on how to style white shoes.

Jedno od prvih ''modnih pravila'' koje sam naučila jeste da ne treba nositi bele cipele posle praznika koji se u Americi zove ''Labor day''. Ako nikada niste čuli za njega, proslavlja se prvog ponedeljka u septembru. Ideja iza ovog pravila jeste da bela obuća pripada prolećnim i letnjim mesecima i to su one kombiancije koje uključuju lepršave haljine i kratke šortseve. Što je u teoriji dobra ideja, ali šta ako baš želite da nosite bele cipele recimo dan posle ovog praznika? 😂 Takođe, postoji mnogo belih čizama ovih dana, bele Moon boots na primer (nisam veliki ljubitelj istih, moram da priznam). Sve ovo nas dovodi do zaključka (koji smo ruku na srce i znali): pravila ne bi trebalo da postoje kada je reč o modi. Ali, naravno, imam za vas neke savete kako da stilizujete bele cipele.

One thing I would recommend is to not wear white shoes with all white outfits. Exceptions are wedding dresses or similar dresses that can indeed look good with white shoes, still silver and gold footwear is sometimes a better option even in those cases. The main reason is that it looks like an odd type of uniform if you wear a white shirt, white pants and on top of that white shoes. Other thing is that you can't always match the colour of your shoes with the clothes (no shade of white is exactly the same) so you might end up with a yellowish looking shoes, although they are not, just because your pants are brighter than life. Second problem is that outfits with white shoes can easily look cheap, even if they are not. Not saying that there's something wrong with that look, if that's what you are going for, but if you paid a lot for a pair of shoes you will want them to look classy. Stick to simpler cuts and fabrics and avoid paring them with materials that are too shiny or sparkly, or revealing and short. Simplicity is the best approach, so put on trusty items you know fit you well and add the shoes like an interesting twist to an otherwise simple outfit, which is exactly what I did here.

Prvi bi bio da ne nosite bele cipele sa skroz belom odećom. Izuzetci su venčanice i slične haljine koje i mogu da izgledaju dobro sa belim cipelama, iako su nekad srebrne i zlatne ipak bolja ideja čak i u tim slučajevima. Glavni razlog je što ovakve kombinacije mogu da izgledaju kao neka vrsta čudne uniforme, pogotovo ako uparite bele pantalone, košulju i cipele. Pored toga, ne možete uvek da potrefite da boja cipela bude identična sa bojom odeće (nijedna nijansa bele nije potpuno ista) pa možete da završite sa cipelama koje izgledaju žućkasto, a da to nisu, samo jer su vam pantalone izrazito bele. Drugi problem je taj što kombinacije sa belim cipelama lako mogu da izgledaju jeftino, pa čak i kad komadi koje nosite to nisu. Ničeg lošeg nema ni u tom izgledu, ako vam se on dopada, ali ako ste dosta platili par cipela želite da one tako i izgledaju. Držite se jednostavnijih krojeva i materijala i izbegavajte da ih nosite sa materijalima koji su previše sjajni ili drečavi, ili prekratki. Jednostavnost je najbolji pristup, pa uparite svoje proverene komade, one za koje ste sigurni da vam dobro stoje pa će bele cipele dodati neočekivani obrt inače jednostavnoj kombinaciji, što je upravo ono što sam ja uradila ovde. 

Zaful sweater
Love of Queen jeans
Dolcis shoes
Vintage Gucci bag
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Asos beret
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage and Asos earrings