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Kimonos in the spring

April 17, 2019

As far as I recall, there are two types of spring weather. First is when we go straight into super warm spring and this other kind when we go through a period of rain before it gets warmer. We just need to survive these couple of last cold days and it will be real spring. 😍 Not only is spring my favourite season, it's also season for the best outfits, at least weather wise. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes during the winter I think about all the things I will wear when it gets warmer. Also, I thought I love the first type of spring weather I mentioned more, but now I'm not so sure, this other one with rain has its good sides, like trench coat outfits. Last year April was pretty much warm and I remember I wore some quite summery outfits even in March. This year we'll have to be a bit more patient, but warmer days are coming soon, I promise. 😂 For the longest time I used to think kimonos are the prettiest thing you can wear in the spring. I wore them even when it was too hot for that (aka in the first type of summer weather) and I didn't even care. Some of them weren't in fact real kimonos, which is the case with the one I'm wearing here as well.

Toning down with denim

April 11, 2019

Not everyone wants to be super elegant all the time, although I personally think it's better to be overdressed than underdressed. 😂 So what happens when you have a closet full of more formal items and you do want to wear them, without looking overdressed. One of the ways to tone things down is with denim. I don't remember how many times I've thrown a denim jacket on top of a more formal dress to create a casual look. This always works and is a great way to dress if you are going to an even that doesn't officially have a dress code, so if everyone is dressed casually you can keep the jacket on and if not, you can always take it off and reveal your elegant dress. I mean, a denim jacket is one of those items that you definitely need, it will work in so many outfits and occasions.

Brown smokey eyes

April 08, 2019

What's your favourite makeup look to wear? Do you prefer simpler looks or more elaborate ones like smokey eyes or dark eye shadows in general? I guess I like the ancient rule of either making your eyes or lips pop, but even when I wear a bolder lip colour I like to wear liquid eyeliner. Probably it's all a thing of a habit, once you get into a certain makeup routine and look it's hard to switch back. A thing I used to do couple of years ago, is to apply black eyeliner on my waterline. I did it almost everyday and it was kind of my signature look. I felt like my makeup is totally out of sorts when I didn't use a pencil liner on the waterline. I stopped doing it for the couple of reasons, one of them was that I thought it got on my contacts (it probably did) and it also made my eyes look smaller. Although I do have big eyes and they can handle a bit of darker eye liners or shadows.

Why I love vintage bags

April 05, 2019

First time I got a vintage bag was five years ago (time flew by so fast, I don't even want to think about it 😅) and it was because I loved vintage clothes and already had some pieces and a bag sounded like a good idea. I still love it, it's in a great condition and the leather looks amazing. It's not this bag in the photos, in case you were wondering. When you are searching for vintage bags that's what you need to look for, amazing condition and great leather. That way the bag will last you a long time and you'll get a lot of use out of it. If you are thinking about getting a vintage bag yourself and are still not sure, here are some of my reasons why I love buying and wearing them.

Antidote to fast fashion

Fast fashion is becoming a serious issue, among other things it's dangering the Planet and its ecosystem. I'm not gonna pretend I don't buy fast fashion items, we all do sometimes, but a lot of my items are also vintage, thrifted or inherited (thank you Mom for always having a great sense of style 😂). Even the items I get are not really fast fashion to me, yesterday I wore a Zara blouse I've had for eleven years. That's basically my philosophy, to get a lot of use out of your stuff and to reuse vintage items as often as you can. 

They don't make them like that anymore

How many times have you heard this about all sorts of things, same goes for bags and clothing. In my experience vintage bags are most of the time made with great leather, but you do have to search a bit to find the one that is in perfect condition. Nowadays it's super easy to shop for all sorts of vintage items, in one of my previous posts I mentioned some of the places where you can find them. In my opinion it is so much better to get a good quality vintage bag that will last you for ages, instead of getting a trendy bag in the cheaper material that will start falling apart after a year.

No one will have the same bag

OK, with the market for vintage items getting bigger there is a chance someone will have the same bag, still it's extremely rare. Most of the time you'll find truly unique models, like the bag I'm wearing here, which is a Coach model from the 90s. If you are a kind of person that doesn't like walking into a room where five other girls are carrying a same bag, this one is for you.

You'll give it a new life

Isn't it fun to think about your bag having a life before you. Maybe it's even older than you, which also sounds like a Twilight zone episode plot a little bit. You know that feeling when your friend wants to get rid of something and you can't believe they don't want to use or wear it anymore. I don't like the phrase ''one woman's trash is another woman's tresure'', yet that's exactly what that feeling is. We all know this, so why don't put that fact to good use and repurpose all those ''unwanted'' bags and give them a new life.

Vintage Coach bag
Vintage Levi's jeans
Calliope sweater
Accessorize headscarf
Asos hoop earrings
Ray Ban sunglasses
Vintage and Tiffany necklaces
Vintage and Ti Sento rings


Using MAC's paint pots as concealer?

April 03, 2019

What's the craziest makeup tip you've ever heard? On the top of my head I can remember a few, including using red lipstick under the eyes before applying concealer. Spoiler alert, it does work. I'm sure there are many more that are even more interesting, honestly I tried a lot of them in the past, I'm not sure I could remember them all. Another one that sounds odd on paper is using duct tape for a perfect winged eyeshadow look. And this one works as well! Maybe you'll remember the famous tip where you dab powder all over your finished makeup and then put your face in a bowl of cold water. People who tried it said that it works. So the point here would be that there's a lot of weird makeup tips. After mentioning the last tip the one I'm investigating in this post won't even seem crazy at all.

You know how we often hear that in the ''beginnings of makeup'' everyone used products for many different purposes, for example lipstick for both lips and cheeks and mascara for eyebrows as well. A lot of great makeup artists will also tell you to not limit yourself with the primary purpose of the product, it really doesn't have to be by the book, you can experiment all you want. I wouldn't say I try everything I see online, but this idea of using MAC's paint pot in the shade Painterly as a concealer did intrigue me. I mean, who doesn't like to look well rested and dark circles free all the time. The idea behind this article I saw is that if you have a skin tone that perfectly matches one of MAC's paint pots shades (which is rare, but it happens) you can use it as concealer. For me the closest shade to  my skin tone was Painterly, although I could've gone with Soft ochre as well. None of them are the exact match, but I thought if the experiment fails I can always use my paint pot as an eye shadow base. And it indeed is a gorgeous eye shadow base.

What's the verdict after wearing it for a while? Well, the shade is very close to my skin tone, but not a perfect match. I guess this is what happens when you don't have a range of actual concealer colours to try from, still I am impressed by how close it got. When I asked my sister how it looked on me, she said that it works and doesn't work in the same time. These would be my exact words for this experiment. It applies gorgeously and is pigmented enough to cover dark circles. I found out that the best way to apply it is with a beauty blender. In great light (like this light when I took the photos) you can't tell it's not a perfect match, but most of the time it looks a bit grayish on me. Bare in mind that this is a very matte product and I normally go for a dewy face, so while the rest of my face is dewy my under the eye area looks completely matte. Not the best look I would say. It looks better if I wear heavy duty foundation. You can also use it on blemishes and other imperfections, for me it felt too heavy on the face (I do have oily skin). Overall I do think this is a cute idea which can truly work if you happen to have a skin tone that matches one of the paint pot colours exactly. This was my first time trying a paint pot and I do have to say it is a solid product, amazing when you use it as the eyeshadow base.


OVS blouse
Asos hoop earrings

Wool dress/wool jacket

April 02, 2019

Back when I got this jacket it was a part of a suit and I thought I will never wear it on its own. It just didn't seem like you can wear it in any weather, especially when it's too cold. Turns out you can and I've been wearing it quite a bit lately, mostly with jeans and flats. Maybe this here is not the best example of an outfit with this jacket, but it was before I realized how to style it perfectly. All I learned is that the best time for a wool jacket is from winter to spring, when it is still not too hot. This autumn we will see if it works for that summer to autumn transition as well.

White retro dresses

April 01, 2019

Spring always means dresses! I've gotten some out of the ''winter storage'' and washed them, now I'm just waiting for the warmer days so I can wear them on their own. And today I got a beautiful denim dress in the mail (don't you just love when that happens, it's like a gift from you to you 😂) so my collection is complete (for now). It was seriously lacking a simple denim dress because I thought it would look too casual on me, but what the heck, you only live once, get the denim dress. I'll try it on as soon as I finish writing this. This white dress has been in my closet since January and I couldn't wear it the winter, somehow the retro cut reminds me of summer and spring.