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Bare shoulders

June 18, 2018

Cold shoulders trend got us getting off the shoulder blouses and dresses, I'm pretty sure we all have at least one of these in our closet by now. But what about its other variation, blouses that go around the neck but leave the shoulders bare? I have couple of those as well and I think I love them even more. Couple of reasons for that. They are with no doubt more wearable. With off the shoulder blouses you often have to check what is going on with your neckline. It has a tendency to slip or climb to your neck. This doesn't happen with all off the shoulder blouses and dresses, but even with the most comfortable ones you'll find your shoulders in a weird positions trying to balance everything out. Other thing is that you can safely lean your back into chairs, which you sometimes can't do when the upper part of your back is bare. Unless you get the blouse that goes around the neck and has bare back, here I'm talking about the kind that doesn't. 

Trend golih ramena nas je zahvatio u toj meri da imam osećaj kako svi imamo bar jednu haljinu ili bluzu bez bretela u ormanu (ako ne i više komada).  Ali šta je sa drugom varijantom ovog trenda, bluzama koje isto imaju slobodna ramena i idu oko vrata? Imam nekoliko takvih i mislim da ih volim više od klasičnih modela bez bretela. Zbog par razloga. Bez sumnje su nosivije. Kod klasičnih bluza golih ramena morate stalno da pazite šta se dešava sa njima. Nekada spadaju, a nekada se ''penju'' uz vrat. Ruku na srce, to se ne dešava sa svim haljinama i bluzama, ali i u onim najudobnijim će ramena biti u čudnom položaju. Druga bitna stvar je da možete slobodno da se naslonite, što često nije slučaj ako vam je gornja polovina leđa gola. Osim ako imate majicu bez leđa koja se vezuje oko vrata, ali ovde pričam o vrsti koja ima leđa.

Best summer hairstyles

June 12, 2018

Right now I feel like I could write about hair everyday. If you have long and/or thick hair that makes you wanna cut it short every summer this post is for you. Truth to be told it only happens during those really hot summer days and they will pass fast anyways and you'll have your hair for the rest of the year. So always remember that and don't cut your hair. Unless you actually want a short hairstyle. My hair's been this long for 6 or so years, and if I've learned something in that period, it's that the best thing to do is to experiment with wearing your hair up during the summer. I know it's not a revolutionary thing for you to hear, but it does help to know all the options of ''updos'' that you have. Personally, I prefer buns, they are the easiest to make and keep all the hair off the neck. Below are all the ideas for summer hairstyles that I can remember at the moment, but there are so many more and it's always good idea to check Pinterest for more inspiration!

High waisted

June 11, 2018

Never get a pair of shorts that's not high waisted. 😂 Just kidding, but in all reality I wasn't so happy when back in the day you could only get those tight short shorts. They never fit the way I wanted and even those that seemed OK had low waist so you couldn't tuck the shirts in. A bit off thopic, remember when people hated the tucked in shirt look? Trends do change fast! Right now the craze for high waisted pieces is at its peek, so there's some pretty nice high waisted shorts out there. I like this denim wash the most, because it reminds me of the 80s/90s denim colour. Denim is also a bit on the thicker side, as one would expect from retro denim. Previously I wrote on wearing crop tops and I mentioned how you should keep your belly button covered at those occasions and this shorts does it so I was able to pare it with a top that's on the shorter side.

Nikada nemojte da kupite šorts koji nije visokog struka. 😂 Šalim se, naravno, ali iskreno, nisam baš bila najsrećnija ranije kada ste mogli da nađete samo uske baš kratke šortseve. Nikada nisu stajali onako kako ja želim, a oni koji su mi bili OK imali su nizak struk pa u njih nisu mogle da se uvlače majice. Mala digresija, je l' se sećate kada su se ljudi zgražavali oko uvučenih majica? Kako se trendovi brzo menjaju. Trenutno je pomama za odećom visokog struka na vrhuncu, pa zaista ima prelepih šortseva ovog kroja. Meni se ova boja teksasa najviše dopada, podseća me na teksas iz 80-ih i 90-ih. Ovaj šorts je malo i deblji, kao što biste i očekivali od retro džinsa. Ranije sam pisala o tome kako nositi kraće bluze i spomenula sam kako je najbolje da u tim prilikama pokrijete pupak što ovaj šorts radi, pa sam mogla da ga uparim sa malo kraćom majicom.

Remember, even when you have your perfect pair of shorts, don't exploit it. Some occasions are best when they are shorts free. If you are in a position of wondering if the shorts is appropriate for a certain occasion, then it probably isn't. We all for sure need a pair for the summer though, I don't know a person who doesn't pack a pair of shorts when they are going on a summer holiday. It's perfect for almost all beach looks (although I have to admit the one with one piece black swimsuit and high waisted denim shorts is my favourite), pairing with summery boho blouses, or even for the night out when you match it with a simple camisole (may I suggest also in black 😂) and heels.

Ne zaboravite da čak i kada imate savršeni šorts, ne treba da ga ''zloupotrebljavate''. Neke prilike su bolje bez šortseva. U praksi mi se pokazalo da kada morate da razmišljate o tome da li je šorts prikladan za neku priliku, on obično nije. Sigurno je da nam je svima potreban jedan par za leto, ne poznajem osobu koja ne spakuje bar jedan par za more. Savršen je za skoro sve ''plažne'' izglede (mada moram da priznam da mi je onaj sa jednodelnim  crnim kupaćim i šortsem visokog struka omiljeni), za kombinacije sa boho bluzama, ili čak za izlaske kada ga ukombinujete sa jednostavnom majicom sa tankim bretelama (mogu li opet da predložim crnu 😂) i sandalama sa visokom štiklom.

Bershka shorts
H&M shirt
Keds sneakers
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage earrings
Skagen watch

How to keep makeup on-summer edition

May 20, 2018

Not only is this an old school flatlay photo, it's also the old subject. I feel like I wrote about it more than once. Or maybe it was only once, but I can't remember. Anyways, I have some new products to mention and also some of the tips I've learned since the last similar post. I've also tried baking my makeup, but more about it later on. When it comes to face makeup, I don't really wear liquid foundation and one of the reasons is the melting effect (and feeling) you get in the heat. Recently I've tried some liquid foundations again just to see how it feels and it inspired me to do this post (and also to try baking I mentioned). If you are completely new to the makeup world, baking has nothing to do with cooking, I'll explain later. So what are the steps you can take to make your makeup heatproof?

1) Less is more

I think I always insist on this when I write about summer makeup, but even if you are like me and love wearing a lot of makeup, easing in on the foundation can only help you during warmer days. If you can't completely ''quit'' liquid foundation, try to find the lighter versions that suits your skin, or turn to BB creams instead. With that being said, I still think powder foundation is the best way to go. I love the Lily Lolo Mineral foundation, honestly one of the best mineral foundations (if not the best) I've ever used. Right now I use the shade Blondie, but I already got Candy Cane for when the actual summer comes and I get a bit of tan.

2) Set with powder

If you are wearing liquid foundation setting is a must. Especially for those with oily skin. I like to set my whole face, not just the ''T zone'' and I sometimes reapply during the day, but with these new foundation formulas you don't really have to because they tend to look dewy when you are oily. My all time favourite setting powder is Stay Matte from Rimmel. It's light and silky so it seems like it's not a heavy duty matifyer, but it actually is. I always get it in the shade 001 Transparent, but they do have a lot of colour options as well.

3) Bake

Sometimes setting is not enough and when you want to get that airbrushed finish or Instagram makeup look, baking comes to the rescue. If you don't know what baking is, essentially it's applying a larger amount of transparent setting powder and leaving it on your face to ''bake'' aka gets heat up by your own body's heat.  After the baking is done you brush off the excess powder. It seems both confusing and fun in the same time, but when you try it it's only just fun. I've put off trying baking for years and I finally did it a while ago and surprisingly I did like it. The overall effect is nice, definitely too much face makeup for my taste, still I'll probably use it again for special occasions of some sort. For this experiment I've used Smoothing & brightening powder from Sephora, I guess if you want to go by the book you'll need a loose powder for baking, but this one did the trick.

4) Set with a setting spray

Setting sprays used to be my obsessions, I had two at the time and I used them every single day. Now when my approach to makeup (and life) is a bit more minimalistic (just a bit though 😂) I don't use them every day, but if I'm going to blend my foundation with a beauty blender, bake, contour and do all the good stuff, I might as well fix everything in place. Setting sprays are great for heat waves, they apparently have the technology that lowers the temperature on your face. I don't know how they do this, but that's what they are supposed to do. So even if you are using compact of loose powder foundation, you can still fix your makeup with a setting spray. Right now I'm trying out De-Slic from Urban Decay, I like it, but my all time favourite is All nighter from the same brand.

Styling bodycon dresses

May 19, 2018

There are only a couple of items that remind me of early 2010s fashion as much as a bodycon dress. Although they are still going strong, there was a certain phase back then when everyone was wearing them. Even I still have a few I got at the time, but I was never 100% happy with them. First of all, I don't like tight clothes that much and there's also the fact that most of them look weird on, no matter how skinny of fit you are. That's just what they do. Before writing this I did a bit of googling to find some inspiration and I noticed I don't like the way most of the dresses fit. In most cases they weren't faltering at all, I think I liked only two of three of them. Like I said, it has nothing to do with they way your body looks, just the whole cut is mainly unfaltering. Considering all that, there are a couple of things you can do in order to pick the perfect bodycon dress. 

Jewelry to wear right now

May 14, 2018

I don't know about you, but I love wearing jewelry. There's just something special about jewelry taking even the simplest of outfits to a whole another level. Interesting jewelry pieces make every outfit more elaborate and interesting. Personally, I would say earrings are my favourite, sometimes I wear them more, sometimes less, but I definitely enjoy them the most out of all the jewelry. Rings are a second favourite for me, especially if I can find couple of rings that look good together. Right now jewelry is very popular and all over the place, so what are the pieces you should be wearing?

Matching vintage

May 11, 2018

If you spend a lot of time pinning on Pinterest, you'll know one of the most popular items is a classic retro inspired white shirt. It's slowly taking over Instagram as well, and I love it. Although I do have a modern version of it (it will be in future posts) the one I've been loving and wearing for years is this shirt that was once my Mom's, but she gave it to me when she saw how much I like it. I can't really date it to the year, but based on the cut I'll say it's from the mid 80s. I think my Mom changed the buttons as well, adding these golden square buttons (that's her thing, I swear she changes buttons on everything 😅).