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Dark denim

April 21, 2018

I have a pair of jeans like these in a lighter wash and I've been wearing them non-stop so I thought it would be fun to get a pair of darker ones. Right now I definitely like the jeans in a lighter wash more, but these are also really pretty. The expansion of mom jeans has started and I couldn't be happier, I love them so much. Low waist jeans are just so unpractical, why they became so popular is a mystery to me. Imagine a life where you can move freely, without worrying about your jeans falling off, well that's the world with mom jeans. 😂

Yellow shirt

April 19, 2018

As they would say in fashion magazines, I added a pop of colour to this outfit. This is actually my brother’s shirt, but I borrow it from time to time. 😂 That’s probably why you’ve seen it on the blog before. I just love this colour, you can only get this type of yellow with vintage items (they don’t make it like this anymore 😄). I love the whole getting back to 90s fashion thing that’s going on, now we can wear stuff like this and not look like we’ve done some time traveling. Although there’s nothing wrong with that look if you ask me. 

Wearing skirts with ruffles in 2018.

April 14, 2018

You know how back in 2010. everybody was wearing these ruffly skirts and then somehow they disappeared? I don't know why, I still love them and I think they look great. The fact that they are not super popular shouldn't really make a difference, you can still wear them if you want. And the question of styling them shouldn't be a problem as well, you just wear them the way we used to do it ''back then'' (it was almost ten years ago after all, I know, I also can't believe it). I'm sure you remember the look we all wore, ruffly skirts with those oversized sweaters and sweatshirts. It's quite the good combination when you think about it, skirts with ruffles tend to get a bit too girly, but when you add an oversized top you get that casual street style vibe that was also popular at the time.

I've had this skirt for years, I actually bought it back in 2010. and I even wore it on the day of my 18th birthday. Every time when I'm cleaning out my closet I think I should get rid of it, but then I put it in my ''I'll maybe wear it again'' pile and the thing is I do actually wear the items from that pile again, so it's all well. And there's also the whole story on me wearing it on my birthday (I'm not usually sentimental when it comes to clothes, but sometimes I am) and I got it at H&M in Paris because back then we didn't have H&M where I grow up. I know it sounds silly, now when you can get their stuff everywhere and when fast fashion is taking over, but at the time you cherished your H&M items like they were expensive designer ones. 😂 Good thing about keeping stuff is that you'll eventually get to wear them again, because trends always come back. Not the case with this one right now, though, but it will be back, trust me.

Topshop sweater
H&M skirt
Mango boots
Michael Kors bag
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Vintage earrings
Smaller earrings are from Asos
Skagen watch
Vintage and Ti Sento rings

Chelsea boots

April 10, 2018

Out of all boots, ankle boots are my favourite, especially the ones with block heels. Since I've had such a great run with them I thought it would also be fun to wear Chelsea boots. I've never had them before because I always thought boots with heels are so much better. And I guess I still think they are. 😂 Chelsea boots are great if you don't like wearing heels or simply prefer flats. They look gorgeous with skinny jeans and floral dresses and skirts. Here I wore them with my pair of wintry culottes, honestly I didn't took photos for the blog with neither of them so it seemed like a good idea to put them in one post. I should maybe do more posts with these boots in the future. The rest of the outfit you've pretty much had a chance to see already, I did a post with this puff jacket a while ago and I even did one post with this blouse before.

Od svih modela čizama, one do članaka su mi omiljene, posebno ako imaju kockastu štiklu. Pošto sam pošteno iznosila svaki par koji sam imala, mislila sam da bi bilo zabavno da imam i Chelsea čizme. Nikada ranije ih nisam imala i uvek sam mislila da su čizme sa štiklama mnogo bolje. Izgleda i dalje mislim da jesu. 😂
Chelsea čizme su sjajan izbor ako ne volite da nosite štikle ili jednostavno preferirate ravnu obuću. Predivno izgledaju sa skinny farmerkama i floralnim suknjama i haljinama. Ovde sam ih nosila sa svojim zimskim kulotama, iskreno nisam ni njih ni čizme slikala za blog pre ovoga pa sam mislila da je dobra ideja da ih zajedno ubacim u post. Možda treba da uradim još jedan post sa ovim čizmama u budućnosti. Ostatak autfita ste već mogli da vidite, post sa ovom jaknom sam objavila pre nekog vremena, a čak je i ova bluza bila na blogu ranije.

If you've never heard of this type of boots before, they are the simplest flat boots with elastic panels on the side. Nowadays they have many modern variations, with all sorts of accessories like studs and pearls, but classic Chelsea boots are plain. They come in many colours as well, but I think the ones in black are the prettiest. These boots have such a long history, they were designed in the Victorian era by Queen Victoria's shoemaker and, same as today, were worn by both men and women. The name came during the 1960's thanks to the street in Chelsea, when they were super popular as a part of ''mod'' dressing .

Ako nikada niste čuli za ovaj tip čizama, to su jednostavne ravne čizme sa lastišem sa strane. Danas postoji mnogo verzija, sa raznoraznim dodacima kao što su nitne i perlice, ali klasične Chelsea čizme su bez njih. Ima ih i u raznim bojama, ali ja mislim da su crne najlepše. Ove čizme imaju dugačku istoriju, dizajnirao ih je u viktorijanskoj eri obućar kraljice Viktorije u to vreme su ih, kao i danas, nosile i žene i muškarci. Ime su dobile po ulici u londonskom kvartu Čelzi, tokom šezdesetih godina dvadesetog veka, kada su bile jako pupularne kao deo ''mod'' odevanja

Asos boots
Zara pants
H&M blouse
Alexander Wang bag
H&M jacket
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage earrings

Why you need a blogger friend (if you as well have a blog)

April 09, 2018

Find someone who looks at you the way Ana and I pretend look at each other while we are taking photos. 😂 Now, seriously, if you yourself have a blog, it can get pretty lonely if you don't have a blogger friend. Or it may not get lonely, but it's definitely less fun. That's why the best bloggers come in pairs. Well, they don't exactly come in pairs, but how many times have you seen a two (or more) bloggers in one photo on Instagram? Here you go, case closed. 😃 In reality, I don't know how many bloggers have actual blogger friends, but I was lucky enough to find one and that happened pretty early in my blogger career. Back then it wasn't even a career for me, I was just a girl who had a blog (and honestly no clue what I was doing) and I was invited to my first ''event''. At the time I was doing mainly (or should I say only) beauty posts so it was a beauty event and all of the bloggers there were beauty bloggers. How many times can a person type beauty in one sentence? Anyways, I've never met a fellow blogger before and I didn't really know how to socialize with other bloggers so I spent the most time talking about beauty products (as I thought I should) and checking out who has the prettiest business cards (I didn't have mine at the time so I was genuinely curious). I didn't spend that much time talking to Ana and she had to leave early, but it was the event when we met.

Pronađite nekoga ko vas gleda onako kako se Ana i ja pretvaramo da se gledamo kad slikamo za blog. 😂 Ali ozbiljno, ako imate blog možete da se osećate prilično usamljeno ako nemate blogerskog prijatelja. Ili ne baš usamljeno, ali će vam sigurno biti manje zabavno. Zato najbolji blogeri dolaze u paru. Dobro, ne baš u paru, ali koliko ste puta na Instagramu videli dve (ili više blogerki) na jednoj slici. Eto dokaza. 😃 U stvarnosti, ne znam koliko blogera ima prave blogerske prijatelje, ja sam imala sreće da pronađem jednog i to prilično rano u mojoj blogerskoj karijeri. Tada to nije bila ni nikakva karijera, samo sam imala blog (i iskreno nisam imala pojma šta radim) i bila pozvana na svoj prvi ''događaj''. Tada sam radila uglavnom (ili da kažem samo) postove o lepoti pa je takav bio i događaj i sve blogerke su bile ''beauty'' blogerke. Pre toga nikada nisam upoznala neku drugu blogerku pa sam provela sve vreme pričajući o proizvodima (jer sam mislila da to tako treba) i gledajući ko ima najlepše vizit kartice (u to vreme nisam imala svoje pa sam bila iskreno radoznala). Nisam baš puno pričala sa Anom i ona je morala da ode ranije, ali to je bio događaj na kome smo se upoznale.

Fast forward to the time when we actually bonded. It was an event with a weird vibe and a lots of wine, which is normally a type of occasion that brings people closer together. After the event we went out for more drinks (and more bonding) and I remember feeling a certain type of happiness I've never felt before (it wasn’t from drinking 😅). That was a felling of finding a blogger who looks at blogging the same way you do. Since then we've been the best blogging buddies in every way possible and now I couldn't even imagine life without a good blogger friend in it. I could go on and on about why it's important to have such a friend, but I'll list a couple of the reasons below for those of you who don't like to read long, elaborate posts (which this certainly is).

1) They have the same strange habits you have

When I'm with my non blogger friends (or in my day to day life in general) I don't really take photos, boomerangs, Insta stories or things like that. I was always like this, so most of my friends I've met outside of the blogging world are also like that. I can't imagine sitting with my best friend and being like, hey, let's take a selfie. But, when I'm with Ana we both know we will be taking photos and sharing mostly everything we do, because that's all part of our blogging routine. We don't mind rearranging the whole apartment just to take one photo, or boomerang-ing our glasses of wine touching each other to perfection.

Da premotam do vremena kada smo se zapravo zbližile. To je bilo opet na nekom blogerskom dešavanju sa čudnom atmosferom i dosta vina, što je normalno tip prilike u kojoj se ljudi zbliže. Posle događaja smo otišle na piće (i još zbližavanja) i sećam se da sam osetila određenu vrstu sreće koju nikada ranije nisam osetila (nije bilo od alkohola 😅). Osećaje je bio izazvan time što sam pronašla nekoga ko na blogovanje gleda isto kao i ja. Od tada smo najbolji blogerski prijatelji u svakom smislu i sada ne bih ni mogla da zamislim život bez takvog prijatelja. Mogu do sutra da vam pišem o tome zašto je bitno imati takvog prijatelja, ali bolje da ispod nabrojim razloge za one od vas koji ne vole duge, opširne postove (što ovaj svakako jeste).

1) Imaju iste čudne navike koje vi imate

Kada sam sa svojim prijateljima koji nemaju blogove (ili u životu generalno) ne slikam baš slike, boomerang, Insta storije i ostalo. Uvek sam bila takva, pa je i većina mojih prijatelja koje sam upoznala van blogosfere takva. Ne mogu ni da zamislim da sedim sa svojom najboljom drugaricom i da kažem; hajde da slikamo selfije. Sa druge strane, kada sam sa Anom obe znamo da će tu biti slikanja i deljenja uglavnom svega što radimo, jer je to deo naše blogerske rutine. Ne smeta nam da ispremeštamo ceo stan da bismo slikale jednu sliku, ili da snimamo čaše koje se kuckaju dok ne dostignemo savršenstvo.

2) They understand your struggles

If Ana told me she stayed up until 6 AM to make sure her Instagram widget on the blog worked the way she wanted, or when I told her I'm losing my mind about redesigning my newsletter, we would nod while completely understanding. And it goes for just about anything, brand collaborations, photo sizes, lack of inspiration... Your blogger friend has been there and most likely has an advice on how to fix the matter.

2) Razumeju vaše muke

Kada bi mi Ana rekla da je ostala budna do 6 ujutru da bi namestila Instagram widget za blog kako je zamislila, ili kada bih joj ja rekla da se nerviram oko dizajniranja novog newsletter-a za blog, obe bismo savršeno razumele. Dok bi nekome sa strane ove stvari delovale kao gluposti. I tako je sa mnogim stvarima, saradnjama sa brendovima, veličinom slika, nedostatkom inspiracije... Blogerski prijatelj je sve to preživeo i najčešće ima savet kako da rešite problem.

3) They got your back

We all make mistakes in life, and your blogger friend is the first one who will get on top of that. That super cool idea you have? Run it by them to see if it's indeed a really great idea or everybody else is doing it. Spelling mistake that can affect your post a lot? Your blogger friend is on it, letting you know ASAP so you can fix it. I have million examples on how a friend who works in the same field can help you.

3) Čuvaju vam leđa

Svi grešimo u životu pa tako i u blogovanju, i blogerski prijatelj je prvi koji će da priskoči u pomoć. Ta sjajna ideja koju imate? Proverite sa njima da li je zaista sjajna ili je nešto što svi već rade. Slovna greška koja dosta može da utiče na post? Javiće vam što pre da biste mogli to da ispravite. Imam još milion primera kako prijatelj koji radi isto što i vi može da vam pomogne.

4) Things are just so much more fun when you have someone to share it with

And lastly, when someone completely understands what you do, they will understand every obstacle of joy you encounter. You just can't wait to share good news with them because you know they will know exactly what it means and you will dissect every bad thing that happened and find a lesson in it. You know the feeling when you are doing something super fun and you want someone you care about to be there with you so you can share it with them? Well, when you have a blogger friend chances are that you will be visiting the same places and doing the same things, which will make it ten times better.

4) Sve je mnogo zanimljivije kada imate nekoga sa kim to možete da podelite

I poslednje, kada neko u potpunosti razume to što radite, razumeće i svaku prepreku ili radost. Jedva čekate da sa njima podelite dobre vesti jer znate da će znati koliko vam to znači. Zajedo ćete da analizirare i sve što nije najbolje prošlo i izvučete lekcije iz toga. Znate onaj osećaj kada radite nešto jako zabavno i želite da neko do koga vam je stalo bude tu da biste mogli da podelite to iskustvo sa njima? Kada imate blogerskog prijatelja verovatno ćete da posećujete ista mesta i da radite dosta stvari zajedno, pa je sve deset puta zanimljivije.

Styling corduroy in the Spring

April 07, 2018

If the word corduroy reminds you of old professors in some archeology inspired movies, we have a lot in common. 😂  Trends come and go and corduroy is always there, belonging to winter pants and retro jackets (the same ones those professors would wear). It did have a beef period when it was very popular during the 70s, maybe it will happen again. Until that how to style it and make it chic?
It's surprisingly easy. You just need and item that's made of corduroy that's not brown or beige. I guess if you really like brown or beige corduroy, then go for it, but most of the time colours of corduroy that look ''fashionable'' are grey and black. Like with this skirt I'm wearing, you can't tell it's a corduroy skirt until you see it up close.

One hair trend to wear right now

April 06, 2018

I have to admit that I'm not someone who follows hair trends, mainly because I love my hair long and can't really bare the idea of cutting it shorter. Sure, from time to time I do want that elegant lob that looks super chic and sophisticated, but then I remember the last time I cut my hair short and I immediately give the idea up. Although I didn't have long hair my entire life, when I was around 16 I had quite long locks and I thought it would be fun to do something different with it, aka cut it all off. It was the period of those super short hairstyles with only one long strand in the front. Yikes, I know, this hairdo now sounds like a nightmare. With the courage you only have in your teens, I ended up cutting the hair off couple of days after the idea crossed my mind and was left with a lifelong trauma. It's not that I didn't like the hairstyle, I actually liked it a lot, it's just that I missed my hair so much. I can still remember the feeling. So that's the reason why I love to keep my hair long, I guess sometimes in the future I will get the long bob I often think about, but it won't be any time soon.