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January 15, 2019

First time in ages I didn't do my ''traditional'' post on the first of January, this year I actually took a break and didn't even take photos for two weeks (I took these yesterday just to have some photos to go with the post 😂) to enjoy the Holidays. I would say it did me good, but like always I've missed blogging so much. It's always one way or the other. I love New Year because I think it brings a certain kind of new energy and inspiration, although it's all in our heads because we invented the counting of time.😄 But you know what I mean, without the changes we would feel stuck all the time and that's one of the worse feelings in my opinion. I'm not gonna go into the New Year's resolutions for few reasons a) I don't make them, if I want to improve something I do it when I get the idea and b) if you guys make them and wanted this to be an inspiration, it's probably too late now. I hope that you spent a wonderful time during the Holidays and, like always, I'm wishing you a best year ever! 

New Year's lookbook: vintage skirt

December 31, 2018

Last New Year's eve lookbook for this year is here. Since it's the 31st of December, it's something you can easily assemble from the clothes you already have. I do believe that those spontaneous things you just threw on sometimes turn out to be the prettiest outfits. Don't worry if you don't have vintage skirts, any skirt will work. I was actually inspired for this outfit when I realized that a lot of people are going to dinners instead of parties and elaborate events for New Year's and since I already did the outfit inspirations for those, I thought I should offer an option for a simple diner or more casual outing. So I paired one of the most popular blouses right now, a turtleneck with this beautiful vintage skirt. I do have a soft spot for black turtlenecks, I think they go well with anything. 

2019. jewelry picks

December 27, 2018

Jewelry was one type of accessory that for sure marked 2018. Not only did the hoop earrings and stacking necklaces make a big comeback, other jewelry like simpler pieces, that are not so much on trend, were also popular. When it comes to 2019. jewelry, we can count on all those trendy ''novelty'' pieces to stay in the spotlight, but my suggestion is to try and find investment pieces that you can wear in years to come. Some of my favourite jewelry are those good quality items that I wear everyday. And when you think about it, it makes much more sense to get a couple of pieces you'll actually wear a lot, instead of buying a bunch of trendy jewelry all the time that you'll almost never wear. It's all in the balance, for sure, I have jewelry that was on trend in the past years as well, still I do wear my non trendy pieces so much more. Here are some suggestions for the types of jewelry I'm sure you'll wear a lot.

New Year's lookbook: floor length mint gown

December 24, 2018

 Second New Year's lookbook is here. Who remembers the mint green craze happening in circa 2012.? You could find literally anything in this colour, from hair accessories to bags and shoes. I don't know what happened, but it somehow disappeared from the fashion scene super fast. But the colour wasn't the only reason I liked this dress, it was the cut that caught my attention. I love how it has a silhouette that reminds me of ancient Greek and Roman dresses, but also looks a bit like the 1930s dress. This type of cuts are my cup of tea, I have many dresses in similar styles.

The holiday makeup edit

December 23, 2018

They say this is the most magical time of the year, and if you ask me any time when you can wear sparkly makeup everyday is indeed magical. 😂 But it's not all about the sparkle. When you are facing snow, cold, running around and all the other things that follow this holiday period, your makeup also needs to stay put and look beautiful all day long. So it's only natural you start with your base, aka foundation. Normally I wear powder foundation everyday (Lily Lolo Mineral foundation is my favourite!) and I do still love that, but on some days when I absolutely need my skin to look flawless I use something ''stronger''. I switched back to Max Factor Facefinity compact  foundation powder, which is one of the first ''real'' foundations I used back in high school. It's just more matte than mineral foundation and I love that on some days. I'm still a huge fan of dewy, natural skin as well. When you up your foundation game it's only natural you up your concealer game as well. Right now I'm using the NAKED skin concealer, my shade is a bit too light but I blend it out somehow.

New Year's lookbook: jeans and black sequins

December 20, 2018

Feels like it was yesterday when I did my last New Year's lookbook, but the whole year has passed. I love doing these posts, not only do they feel festive and fun, they also give me a theme to play around which is always interesting. Normally I go for super elegant looks, but I did some thinking about the subject and realized not everyone wants to wear super long elaborate dresses or even formal dresses for the New Year's eve. And for the past two years those are the only looks I did. So this year I'm trying something a little bit different, where I'll do three (or maybe even four) different looks. All of the fans of long formal dresses, don't worry, I have something planed for you as well. We are kicking it off with the most casual look for this year.
Answering the age old question: can you wear jeans for formal events? Well, I guess New Year's eve is not really a formal event, but you get what I meant.

Sweater weather and other stories

December 18, 2018

Entering the finale of the Holiday season. I don't know about you, but I feel like the euphoria around the Holidays is getting stronger ever year. I guess it has something to do with social media and the fear of missing out.. You see everyone posting festive stuff since November. 😂  Don't get me wrong, I'm the biggest fan of Christmas Holidays, but I feel like we are thinking a bit too much about decorations and christmassy outfits and forgetting the true meaning of the holidays. I used to be obsessed with Christmas and New Year decorations when I was younger. I remember that one year I insisted on decorating two Christmas trees, the plastic one in gold and red and the real one in silver. Back then it seemed like a must, while now I realize it was a bit too much. All of my elaborate decorating efforts ended up in me forcing my sister to help me, although she didn't enjoy it or wanted to. Truth to be told, you don't really need all that stuff to make holidays special. Now I do decorations that are much simpler and honestly I enjoy it much more.