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Ballet blouse

March 06, 2018

If there ever was a person who would click on articles like ''How to achieve ballerina style, according to a ballerina'' then it's me (feel free to read the article, it's pretty interesting and not a sponsored link 😂). Not because I'm fascinated with ballerinas, but because I would read literally anything, I believe than you can learn something from anything you read and see, and I really love learning new stuff. The thing I leaned from this article is something we probably already knew, style doesn't only consist of ''regular'' clothes. You know how sometimes people who take dance lessons just throw on a cardigan over their dance clothes when they get ready to go home and it looks so effortlessly great? Or ballerinas when they just add a skirt over a leotard and make and outfit out of it? When I was a kid I used to do rhythmic gymnastic and ballet and I still vividly remember my red and yellow leotard and a chunky yellow sweater I loved to wear over it. Somebody in my family knitted that sweater and once after the Friday night practice I left it in the locker room. Thus, begun one of the most stressful weekends of my life until my Mum managed to retrieve the sweater on Monday. 😃

Leather jacket with dresses

March 03, 2018

Remember back when fashion blogging just started and everyone was wearing leather jacket with dresses and it was this new, phenomenal thing? Now when we are pretty used to it it's hardly a novelty and is a common thing to wear, which often happens with new trends. They are odd until we get used to them and when we do they seem ''normal''. The prettiest combination is probably the one with floral boho dresses and leather jackets. Here I'm wearing a different type of an outfit, but I still like it a lot. You've probably seen this dress cut before, it's the dress with an A line skirt and a deep V neck.

Embroidered pointy heels

February 09, 2018

Since I've had my Zara floral sandals I've been subconsciously looking for another similar pair with closed toes. My pointy kitten heels (these ones) have actually been a pair I've worn a lot so it made sense to get a similar pair, just in a different colour. So when I saw these I knew they were perfect. I am a huge fan of Sam Edelman shoes, they always have such amazing designs and are comfortable as well. I know, what more can you ask for in a pair of shoes. The embroidery this elaborate is not something I often go for, as you can see in the photos these shoes have both birds and flowers on them, but I quite like it. 

Berets have been an obsession of mine lately, well I guess they have been everybody's obsession. I've never fallen for a trend this hard before, so besides my ''regular'' beret in black I also got them in beige and grey. I can't help it, I like them so much. They somehow tie an entire outfit together and make it more chic. Besides berets I recently got two great pairs of jeans. Both are form H&M, I can see I'm starting to develop a thing for their jeans. These have a regular waist, but it does look like a high waist. And I just love this wash, it's the perfect jeans colour for me. Other pair I got is super skinny and high waisted, I can't wait to post outfits with them as well.

Sam Edelman shoes
Asos beret
H&M jeans
Vintage shirt
Yoins fur jacket
Vintage Gucci bag
Asos earrings

Duster coats and sneakers

January 29, 2018

Going back to simpler outfits. Great thing about fashion is that you always have so many options. You can dress elegant one day and super casual the other and no one will ever say a thing. They will even probably do the same. Not that it matters what others think, only you. And I'm pretty sure you enjoy dressing casually from time to time. There's a reason casual Friday was invited. Or maybe it was because people were going out on Friday night so it was easier to go to work in the casual outfits so you can go out straight after work? I'm not sure, but casual outfits shouldn't be underestimated. Especially today when they are pretty much fashion mainstream, going neck and neck with glam outfits. I've always been in the middle, since I was a kid when I would dress super girly one day and tomboyish the other, as I already wrote here on the blog. I'm still the same which you can tell judging by my posts. 

DIY vitamin E face mask

January 24, 2018

Recently I started posting more on my Instagram stories, I never did it before because I was not sure weather you'll find it interesting, but then I figured you can always ignore them if you don't like them. 😂 In one of the polls I posted I asked if you wanted to see my DIY vitamin E mask recipe. Most of those who saw it voted yes so here it is. Vitamin E is such a great addition to your skincare routine, it doesn't only prevent wrinkles and fine lines, it also fights acne. A number of scientific studies proved that the lack of vitamin E in the skin makes sebum more prone to create acne. This mask is something I came up with on my own, most of the recipes I saw online consist of squeezing a content of the vitamin E gel pill on your skin directly, but the thing is you never know what kind of a carrier oil is inside. It can be an oil that's comedogenic, or breaks you out, so it kinda defeats the purpose. Here's my recipe so you can also create the perfect vitamin E mask at home.

Styling culottes in the winter

January 23, 2018

Sometimes during winter we miss out on wearing our favourite items because of the cold or because we don't know how to style them with wintry clothes. The truth is, you can wear most of the items all year long, if you make sure to pair them with warmer items. Sweaters, for example, are great for this. If you add a sweater, you'll not only be warmer, you'll get that woollen texture characteristic for autumny and wintry looks. Culottes are no exception to this ''rule''. Here I paired mine with a flowy sweater, I don't normally tend to put beige and beige together, but I liked the combination a lot so I couldn't resist.

What I've learned from blogging

January 22, 2018

In a life of every blogger there comes the time to do a what I've learned from blogging post. Not really, but I was thinking about it recently and came up with some great things I realized while blogging that can apply on everyone's life, even if you are not a blogger. Also, it’s Monday so it practically screams fro these type of posts. 😂