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Summer beauty files

August 08, 2019

If I needed to describe my summer skincare and beauty super fast it would be: SPF plus everything coconutty. I'm not the biggest fan of makeup during summer, I do wear it for nights out and stuff like that, but most of the time I just use all the SPF I can find. 😅 Normally I use SPF 15 as found in my all time favourite moisturizer and switch to higher during summer, especially on a holiday. It used to be SPF 30 and now I'm using 50 just in case. Sun is really getting stronger and skin on your face is the first to suffer. When you use a lot of products with stronger ingredients like acids, skin gets more sensitive so higher SPF is a must. Skin on the body is a bit less sensitive (unless you have super sensitive skin) so I think SPF 30 is just fine. Again, if you are really pale or burn fast go even higher. This year I'm using my all time favourite body sunscreen Piz Buin. I wrote about it before so I'll keep it short, the main reason why I love it is the scent. It doesn't smell summery at all to me, still I love it. It's like a perfume in a shape of a sunscreen, but not too overwhelming. I also love the texture, it's not thick or greasy.

Linen dress

August 04, 2019

One of my summer staples this year, although I didn't even wear them before. Linen dresses are one of those items you always see people wearing during the summer and think how chic and effortless their style is. Normally I go for a more boho approach to warmer weather style, but in the recent years it went into retro direction the same way all the trends went. Even though I always say I don't follow trends somehow you can't avoid them, they are in the air. 😂 Not that you can't wear linen as a part of boho outfits, but the dress I'm wearing here looks the best with retro inspired outfits (in my opinion). Fun fact is that this is a dress by Reachel Zoe and she is known for her boho style.

April beauty files

May 08, 2019

Beauty favourites are back. Inspired by all the pink stuff I had in my makeup bag. 😂 This time I have a new night cream in the mix, which is super strange since I haven't changed my night cream in ages. My favourite night cream of all times is Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse and because I didn't find it in drugstores recently I decided to get Moisturizing sorbet from Caudalie. Technically, this is not a night cream, it's more like an all purpose moisturizer. I've been using it at nights only and so far I've really liked it. It's very light so maybe it won't suit you if you have dry skin. Second favourite is also a cream, new Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Boost night cream. Nuxe eye creams are also amazing and I've been using the old Creme Prodigieuse for years. If you want to find out more, you can read my latest eye creams post

Wearing a cardigan as a blouse

May 07, 2019

Back when I got this cardigan (in 2010. I think) it used to be "popular" to wear it with a tank top, jeans and sneakers. That was the outfit to wear and if you added a headband you were set with the look that was on point. Looking back I still would wear that, but it somehow seems too simple and plain. Even with the headband. I guess outfits these days are just more elaborate. Of course, you could still wear the outfit in question today and you wouldn't look weird. Mainstream style changes relatively slowly and after 10 years or so it's still not that weird to wear it. Put on a 50s dress and there's a massive difference, but people are wearing retro styles these days as well so anything goes.

Eye creams

April 28, 2019

When your younger sister asks you how come you have less eye wrinkles than her you know you are winning at  life. I'm kidding of course (not about her asking, that part was real), but I'm the kind of person that will take any compliment and to me this is a compliment. 😂 The matter of skincare is actually very simple. If there's one issue you want to improve or resolve, you can, if you use the right product and are persistent with it. Technology and innovation in skincare is going so far these days and new amazing products are emerging all the time. Of course, some matters can't be prevented forever, still I'm 100% sure skin looks glowier and healthier with the right kind of care. This is just common beauty sense. I'm not really the kindest to my eyes and around the eye area (to be quite honest), I don't get the right amount of sleep all the time, I stare at all the screens probably too much (I mean the new episode of Game of Thrones is out today, who needs sleep), don't drink as much water as I probably should... You know, all the good stuff. 😂 Speaking about Game of Thrones, why, why, why did the dead have to get that one dragon. And why do dead need land, aren't they, well dead? What would they do with the Kingdoms if they are already dead. I didn't read the books by the way, maybe the answer is there. 

Kimonos in the spring

April 17, 2019

As far as I recall, there are two types of spring weather. First is when we go straight into super warm spring and this other kind when we go through a period of rain before it gets warmer. We just need to survive these couple of last cold days and it will be real spring. 😍 Not only is spring my favourite season, it's also season for the best outfits, at least weather wise. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes during the winter I think about all the things I will wear when it gets warmer. Also, I thought I love the first type of spring weather I mentioned more, but now I'm not so sure, this other one with rain has its good sides, like trench coat outfits. Last year April was pretty much warm and I remember I wore some quite summery outfits even in March. This year we'll have to be a bit more patient, but warmer days are coming soon, I promise. 😂 For the longest time I used to think kimonos are the prettiest thing you can wear in the spring. I wore them even when it was too hot for that (aka in the first type of summer weather) and I didn't even care. Some of them weren't in fact real kimonos, which is the case with the one I'm wearing here as well.

Toning down with denim

April 11, 2019

Not everyone wants to be super elegant all the time, although I personally think it's better to be overdressed than underdressed. 😂 So what happens when you have a closet full of more formal items and you do want to wear them, without looking overdressed. One of the ways to tone things down is with denim. I don't remember how many times I've thrown a denim jacket on top of a more formal dress to create a casual look. This always works and is a great way to dress if you are going to an even that doesn't officially have a dress code, so if everyone is dressed casually you can keep the jacket on and if not, you can always take it off and reveal your elegant dress. I mean, a denim jacket is one of those items that you definitely need, it will work in so many outfits and occasions.