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Apps to use to edit your photos

September 25, 2018
Honestly, I've only recently started seriously editing my photos with apps, before I only used a bit of VSCO and way back when that was a thing Instagram filters. 😂 Editing is much more fun nowadays when there's a lot of apps with all these features and there's also a thing where retro inspired editing came through and became popular. Not to mention grainy photos are all over the place, something that used to be frown upon in the past. In reality I still don't edit my photos that much, there are a couple of the apps I love and I've discovered the majority of them pretty recently. I took all the photos in this post with my phone, and I'll only talk about phone apps here, because I feel like most people do take and edit their photos with phones. 

Dressing in different colour palettes

September 17, 2018

There are so many colour theories when it comes to dressing and fashion, some are indeed useful, some just confusing. They can help you determine which colours look the best on you, or how to style the clothes you have. If you are creating a capsule wardrobe,  you can find tips and tricks online on how to pick the colour palette for your ''capsule''. You can basically pick what works for you, nothing is set in stone and you don't have to follow every rule there is, especially if you find them to be exhausting. Some of them are even outdated, like the seasons theory. If you've never heard of it, it's the theory in which you are one of the four seasons and should wear the colours that match that season. 😂 Of course, there's the warm and cool undertone theory as well, I think you can definitely use this one, but don't take it too seriously. 

A word on asymmetrical pieces

September 14, 2018

This chapter could be called ''how I went from not liking asymmetrical clothing to wearing one of those dresses''. Although I did wear couple of one shoulder items in the past, I was never a fan of these type of garments that are not completely structured. Fashion that deconstructs items has been around for ages and I do like what Japanese deconstructionists and Vivienne Westwood did on the subject, still I look at It more as a type of art and inspiration than anything else. Today similar items are available all over the place, even in fast fashion, but much more toned down, of course. Contrary to a common belief, deconstruction is not only present in minimalistic designer items, it can exist in any item that doesn't follow a form of a regular garment.

How to style super chunky hoops

September 13, 2018

If you haven’t noticed so far, I love jewelry, earrings especially. I feel like they always give a perfect touch to every outfit and make you look well put together. Hoops are one of those statement pieces that go out of style and come back all the time and all hoop types are popular right now. My favourite kind are the simple thin silver hoops, you can just wear them with everything. Second favourite are these kind of chunky hoop earrings that really are more like a statement piece than anything else.

The cleansers edit

September 12, 2018

Slowly getting back into the swing of blogging and posting everyday, hopefully it will last. Nothing like the rant about cleansers to spice up the middle of this week. Fun fact, post about cleansers was a first post I ever did on this blog, but don't look for it, it's not what you would call a good quality content. 😂 But you got to start somewhere, right? Like I always say, cleansers are the base for skincare. Well, removing the makeup is more of a first step towards skincare, but not everyone wears makeup. Even I don't wear makeup sometimes, still I do cleanse my face everyday, twice a day. I've never gotten into that thing where you wash your face once a day. It would be the end of me if I had to do that. 

Polka dots

September 11, 2018

Once again polka dots are taking over, as it normally happens every couple of years.  I usually like them, but it all depends on the cut of the item. Polka dots tend to bring out the best in some items and the worse in others. Although they seem fun (and they indeed are), you just can’t wear them carelessly all the time. There are couple of the “rules” I like to follow in order to get the best out of polka dots.

Plaid jumpsuit

September 10, 2018

You know how plaid blazers are back in style, still you can't wear them when it's too warm? Entering the other plaid alternatives, such as pants and jumpsuits. I love wearing one pieces like jumpsuits and rompers, they are so practical and easy to style. If you like that style balance between casual and elegant, jumpsuits are perfect for you. At first I wasn't sure about getting this one, it's pretty wide on its own so you have to belt it, but at the end I'm glad I got it, it's super comfortable and looks so effortlessly chic. What more to ask from a look. As the autumn is approaching, it's easier to incorporate plaid into everyday looks, even when it gets cooler I'm going to pair this one piece with warmer jackets and maybe boots or sneakers.