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5 products to transform your skin

March 20, 2019

Transforming your skin, that's what the skincare game is all about, that and promising it will transform your skin. 😂 Now, seriously, there are products that promise a lot and do nothing, but there are a lot of products that are amazing and will make your skin look like airbrushed. Well, almost like it was airbrushed, in reality no one has skin that perfect. My curiosity always drives me to try all sorts of stuff, especially if I see they were pined thousands of times on Pinterest. 😄 One of the products I'm mentioning today is from that group, I saw it first in someones pin, tried it, and was super happy to discover beauty pins are actually helpful. I've mentioned ''only'' five things here because no one likes long boring posts, but I promise you, they are all well worth mentioning.

12 hair tips we all need in everyday life

March 12, 2019

What a long post title. Also, here's one random mirror selfie because I had no other photos for this post, but I really wanted to write it. 😂  For some reason I love writing about hair. When you have a lot of hair your whole life and most of the time super long, you learn some tips and tricks along the way. And like I always say, beautiful hair truly compliments any look, no matter what your personal style is, or weather you wear makeup or not. Here are some great tips I find really helpful no matter if your hair is long or short.

Next season style wishlist

March 11, 2019

When spring is just around the corner and the weather is warmer, you know fashion is going to become much more fun. All the outfits you imagined wearing during winter, but it was freezing could so you couldn't ,are now real. Shopping seasonally where you get new pieces every season is not really my thing, but I do like to get some items when I'm inspired to add them to my wardrobe, or when I see something that I really like. Spring is also a great time for you to see what's missing in your wardrobe, when you finally put away chunky sweaters and heavy coats. I still haven't packed my winter wardrobe away, still I did get some of the warmer pieces out to add to the ''transitional'' period outfits until it's warm all the time. Here are some of the items I thought would be fun to add into my spring wardrobe, and most of them I don't already have.

Spring 2019 hairstyles

March 02, 2019

We all know fashion is always so much fun, but in reality nothing freshens up a look (and pulls it together) like a nice hairstyle. Hairstyles also have a tendency to define an era, it's hard to find a soul that doesn't know about the 20s bob, 80s bangs and the late 90s Rachel (yes, the haircut Rachel from Friends had in early seasons). If I had to guess which hairstyle will define this period, I will have to say it's the semi wavy straight cut lob, most of the time present with some sort of an ombre, highlights or a balayage. To be quite honest, I fell in love with this hairstyle so much that I cut my hair shorter last July, after 10 years sans short haircuts. Five of those years were a time for super long hair for me, I even forgot how light your head feels when your hair is shorter. 😅 After the lob experiment, I had another a bit shorter haircut that was also fun, but now when I decided to grow my hair longer again I got some layers (couple of days ago) which inspired me to do a post with my favourite hairstyles for this spring. They will be for different hair lengths, although I was only able to show one of those hairstyles in the photos, because, well one can only have one hairstyle at the time. 

The return of headbands

March 01, 2019

If you are like me, you'll get excited over every new hair thing. Saying new is a bit of a stretch, we've already seen all the popular hair stuff at one point or another. They are so huge right now and it's not like we are kids wearing hair clips, people are knowingly adding them into hairstyles. Long gone are the days of simple hairstyles. I mean, have you seen Ashley Graham's hair for Oscars this year? It was a bun covered with a bunch of little bow hair clips. Even though I stopped watching Oscars couple of years ago, these type of hairstyles makes me want to start again. I remember when it was considered tasteless to over accessorize your hair, I guess that period is also long gone. 

Trench coat/cropped jeans

February 26, 2019

I'm seriously thinking about starting a series where I write about all the spring outfits ideas I have right now. I don't know why, but spring is just the best time for fashion, it's warm enough to wear pretty much anything you want and it's not summer so you don't have to wear summery stuff. Hope that this makes any sense. 😃 Although I always say how I like all the seasons, I think I like spring just a bit more than all the others. Maybe that's why I'm a bit bias when it comes to spring fashion. Most of you probably have all the social media so you've seen what's going on in the trends department for the next season, but I'm telling you, the gold in fashion inspiration lies in the place we looked for it about ten years ago: in street style. Remember when fashion blogs were just regular snaps of ordinary daily outfits? Those were the best, not only were they spontaneous and not staged, you could also wear most of them. I'm not complaining though, there's also something super fun about fashion going over the top.

80s dresses and other stories

February 25, 2019

Isn't it funny how fashion trends always reappear and it almost catches us by surprise, one minute we are looking at some cuts like they are retro and a part of previous decades and the next we are wearing them again? Like, is there ever going to be anything new in fashion, or are we just going to continue to revive the fashion from the past? 😂 I guess there will be some new stuff emerging in the future, but now we are in the era of huge revival. Nothing bad there, next to everything Audrey Hepburn ever wore, retro inspired cuts are my biggest inspiration. And now we can wear them for real, not ironically or close to looking costumey. I'm telling you, great times to be alive!