Pale pink dress

October 14, 2017

For someone who always mentions how they never wear pink, I sure wear a lot of pink. Not screaming hot pink though, mainly pale and dusty shades. Pale pink is definitely the shade you can wear all year long and it will compliment any skin tone. This dress is one of those pieces you have in your closet forever so you can't even remember when you got them. Well, I do remember, I got it more than six years ago. Yep, remembering the exact time I got a piece of clothing is one of my hidden skills. :D  Those type of pieces survive every closet cleanse and are always there for you. I can't remember how many times I wore this dress, on so many different occasions, from weddings to going out. Don't worry, you can wear one dress for both. 
Pale pink is maybe one of the best colours you can wear as a wedding guest, it's not too intense, it's not dark, and most importantly, it's not white. Beige and light gray are also great and for summer and spring weddings you can go with florals.

Statement pieces from H&M Trend

October 11, 2017

Life is so much better when you have a best blogger friend (BBF, I just made it up). Someone to call when you think your posts are starting to sound a bit naive, or when you are not sure if your design is outdated. Sure, you can just ask your Mom, but she'll tell you everything you do is perfect, because that's just what Moms do. A true blogger friend is someone who really gets what you do and knows all the good and bad sides of blogging (mostly good sides, don't be concerned). Although I don't believe in friendships where your friends are telling you what to do in all areas of your life all the time (that's just unhealthy and leaves you with a zero chance for personal growth) I do believe in being friends with people who understand you and help you when you need it. Don't be afraid of asking for help, we can all use it from time to time. That's why I'm so happy to have Ana in my life, I know she'll always tell me what she really thinks and jump into the problem solving mode like it's no ones business, and vice versa.

Formal wear

October 10, 2017

Long time no posts, it's not that I've been lazy, I've actually been working on many behind the scenes blogging stuff like the new design (coming soon) and collaborations. If you are a blogger then you know how much goes on besides actual writing, although I did really miss writing and posting daily. It actually sounds crazy to when I say it, considering that daily writing is maybe my least favourite thing about blogging, but I've missed it the most. Oh, human brain, you are indeed the weirdest organ of them all. Anyways, this time off helped me a lot to figure out the direction in which I want my blog to go and inspired me to create better content in the future, which is so important, like with everything in life you should push yourself to be better every day. 

Floral dress

September 21, 2017

There are two types of people in this world. If you've ever seen Grey's anatomy you know how at the beginning of every episode Meredith starts talking and her thoughts are so collected and elaborate (hey, no wonder, she's a word class surgeon) and even if it's the simplest out of situations she'll make excellent points. Well, imagine those were outfits and not thoughts. Bare with me, the point is coming. Type A are the people who have perfect elaborate concise outfits much like Meredith's thoughts. Type B are, well, the rest who put everything together and hope for the best (you can't do that in surgery so people who do this are probably not surgeons). The results are sometimes magical and sometimes, well not so much. 

Flower bomber

September 13, 2017

Pair two things everybody likes: flower print and a bomber cut and you'll get this amazing jacket. Unless you don't like florals, in that case I guess you'll like plain bomber jackets more. I know, how did we even live without bomber jackets, they are practically a thing autumn street style is made of. Well not really, but take them out and you basically won't have casual chic off duty autumn outfits. Which is a real shame. I still haven't figured out an answer to the question of wearing bomber jackets and dresses, I definitely think it can work, I just have to find a perfect dress that will pair well with this jacket. Be patient, the solution is on its way. :D

Linen pants

September 12, 2017

One of the reasons I don't want summer to end is because of culottes. You know, this type of super pretty below the knee pants. Sure, you can wear them all year round, but they just don't look good with boots or even sneakers (although they can look OK, but just OK with sneakers) only with simple shoes and sandals that have their peek during the spring and summer and are then forgotten until the end of the winter. Before it's officially cold, give them a chance and use the best of your culottes. Trust me on this one, after all I once wore ballet flats during the early autumn and I still remember the way the cold from the ground just went straight through them and made my feet freezing. True story, I couldn't wait to go home.

Wrap skirt

September 11, 2017

What many years of experimenting with fashion have taught me is that in order for your outfit to be interesting, you have to add something interesting to it (a bit of phazaz as some would say). Outfits need a bit of spice to make them come to life. No matter how much trend chasing and fashion research you do, it's just the way it is. The reason for this is the same as with all the things in life, even if something looks good on paper it might not look good IRL (in real life). Things need energy, as everything in the Universe does, that moves them and creates the magic. That's why you sometimes you can see the most elaborate outfits that just don't work and clearly have something wrong with them, while in the same time some simple combos look so good and chic. Most of the time it is about the personality of the wearer, but there's more to it.