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Why vitamin C is your new best friend

November 08, 2017

On the top of the list of more shocking things I've recently found out is the fact that sugar causes wrinkles. Well I actually (kind of) knew this but I: a) refused to believe it and b) wasn't exactly sure how it happens. I didn't per se find this out, it's more that I just leaned about the mechanism itself. Luckily for me, I'm more into salty junk food than into sweets and candy, but one just has to be curious about how this happens. In a process called glycation sugar binds to the collagen and makes it stiff and tough. It then resists being broken down and replaced by fresh collagen. Yikes. On the bright side, glycation can be prevented by ingredients like vitamin C. This is just one of many benefits of vitamin C so it might be the time to start using a vitamin C serum, if you already don't. For about a year I've been using vitamin C serums, even though I just recently found out about glycation (through an Instagram account called chemist.confessions, check them out they are great). My two recommendations for vitamin C serums are Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum and Serumpidity Vitamin C Facial Serum from Madre Labs. I'm planing to try The Ordinary serum with vitamin C as well (my post with goodies from this brand is coming soon as well).

While I was exploring all those serums one new vitamin C product hit the shelves. Vichy's LIFTACTIV Fresh shoot treatment. I'm a sucker for innovation and love trying out new products, so I was obviously super excited about this one. It contains 15% pure vitamin C along with other great ingredients like vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. The idea behind this serum is to use it as a short term treatment when you need to add the instant boost of glow and freshens to your skin. You are supposed to use it for ten days, although I did use it a bit longer, for the sake of testing of course. 😉 I have to say my skin is not sensitive at all, so if you have sensitive skin I'll advise you to stick to recommended ten days. As soon as you apply the serum you'll see the results. Skin is more glowy from day one. In the couple of days you might experience some dryness, but don't worry, it's only temporary. After I finished the treatment my skin looked gorgeous! Even now, a week later I can still see my skin is fresher and more radiant. I think this serum is excellent for those special occasions when you want your skin to look amazing. 

It's recommended to use it in the morning, which I did and it was super handy for me, I'm used to using my vitamin C products in the morning. You should use SPF 15 (or higher) after the treatment, like you should do with any treatment and serum with active ingredients. This 10 ml bottle will last you for about a month and you are supposed to use the whole bottle in 30 days after you open it. I'm not sure how this works, keep in mind that the treatment should last for 10 days. The best thing you can do is to apply it on the chest as well, at least until they come up with a 3 ml bottle. It's definitely not a bad idea to treat your skin with this serum once in a while, for the sake of preventing that glycation I mentioned before and to make your skin super glowy and radiant. Who doesn't love glowing skin? It's the new blowout.

Military blazer

November 07, 2017

Remember two seasons ago when Balmain was a guest designer for H&M? The collection caused a lot of hype and somehow I was far from it all. Only after it was sold out I realized how good it was. I think it's my favourite H&M collaboration so far. And the item I liked the most was a black military blazer. If you've seen  it you'll know which one. It was so gorgeous that I still think about it sometimes. 😂 Because it was too late for me to get it I started searching for a similar model. Now after two years I've finally found it (not that I was searching all the time, obviously). It's a Shawl Neck Work Peacoat from Zaful, but it's sold out so I'll put some similar ones at the end of the post. I don't know why I think military blazers are so pretty, I think mainly because you can wear them with almost anything. Dresses, jeans, skirts, you name it. They are just so much fun.

Green dress

November 06, 2017

If bell sleeves are over, someone please send me a memo. Until then I guess I will be wearing them. I like this dress mostly because of the colour. How pretty is this shade of green? 😍 Honestly I'm not the biggest fan of green clothing, I think no one actually is. Except for the green lady, if you don't know who she is google her. Basically a lady who wears green clothes, dyes her hair green and lives in a house full of green furniture. Even a door to her house is green. Now where was I? Yes, the dress. It's not the exact screaming green the green lady wears (dear brain, please stop remembering the green lady) it's more that kid off green that's close to blue. Is there such thing as a blue lady. Excuse me while I google the blue lady. I did, don't do it, it's pretty scary. And also a name of  a perfume I've never heard about. Anyways, the colour is pretty, but I'm not so sure about the cut.

Eyeliner and mascara for sensitive eyes

November 05, 2017

The search for the perfect eyeliner and mascara never ends. If you wear them daily then you know all the things they have to go through to be approved for everyday wear. First of all you'll need an eyeliner that gives you that perfect flick. Even the expression on flick came from impeccably applied eyeliner (probably, I just made it up): The flick of your liquid liner needs to look like it can cut through glass. So basically as sharp as it gets. Next, liquid eyeliner can't crack. If I find one thing about makeup annoying, that's cracked eyeliner. And maybe caky foundation, but that's a whole other story. When I see the eyeliner is cracking, no way I'll keep it, no matter how good it preforms in other areas. That's why I didn't like Essence eyeliner, although I still think it's quite good, the cracking was pretty severe. Third thing is smudging. Don't you just love when you see your reflection in the mirror in the middle of the day and see eyeliner smudged in the outer corner of your eyes (or inner, it depends on your tear ducts)? 😂 Of course not, because you are not crazy and are probably too busy to wipe those smudges all day long.

Double ruffles

November 04, 2017

Just when I got into my drafts to find a post I wanted to publish today, I realized this post went unpublished. I guess I thought finished it as soon as I took the photos, which was obviously a false memory. 😂 So I had the photos ready and didn't want to waste them, it's a pretty outfit (and a blouse after all). Now, I see how it doesn't really go with my autumn posts, it's more a end of the summer kind of outfit, still I feel like it's not to summery. I got this blouse on one of my favourite annual sales, the Shopbop sale. They always have pretty items you won't normally find on other websites. Also, the brand of the blouse is Moon River and I like this brand a lot, their fabrics are amazing. I think they are named after the song from Breakfast at Tiffany's (yes, the one that Audrey aka Holy sings on the fire escape), but who knows these days.

Bronzing in the fall

November 03, 2017

The rule of the thumb is to leave the bronzers alone as soon as the temperature is cold enough for coats. Or even before, if the autumn is especially warm. Somehow bronzy look doesn't seem so appealing after the summer. Especially now when there's so many other contouring products out there, that you don't even need to contour with a bronzer. Which means no more orangy hued harsh contours. Or at least we will be seeing less of them. The fact that bronzers are no longer reserved for contouring leaves them serving their first purpose, giving you that sun touched glow. So naturally with the end of summer you won't want to have that glow, right? Wrong, subtle bronzer can transfer well into all seasons. What I recently discovered is that there are bronzers that can double as highlighters. You heard it right. Those type of bronzers can be used for many purposes and my favourite is to apply them in the area I normally apply my blush. I know it sounds crazy, but when I do this I get the perfect bronzy makeup with just one product.

Erdem X H&M

November 02, 2017

One of many great things about autumn is H&M's annual designer collaboration. Although the hype is alive many months before it is actually in stores, the moment it hit shelves (or racks) is the best part. I love their designer collections, mainly because they really do show the spirit of the designer at its best. My theory is that  with these collections the year of bright and vivid designs must follow with a plainer cuts and a calmer aesthetic. So far it proved to be right. Last year's Kenzo collaboration offered bolder prints and cuts that will fit well in Manga cartoons, and this year we have an arcadic idea of the English countryside, the setting of Erdem's own childhood. He himself said he found inspiration in the coat his mom wore over dresses, his sister's oversized sweaters and other items people around him wore. 

 As soon as I saw the whole collection online, I knew I wanted to get either a really fliry, floral dress or this amazing gray suit. At the end I opted for the suit, I think it looks simply amazing. Next years are bound to be the era of the suits, we saw the beginning of this comeback on runways where a lot of designers showed a silhouette that resembles the 80s suit, of course less bulky. I like this a lot, all those tight suits from the 2000's are not my cup of tea, while a nice cut on the verge of androgynous offers a refreshing change. So if you enjoy suiting up, the time is now. Just make sure to have fun, a suit doesn't have to mean business dress code or job interview black and navy suits.

Erdem for H&M suit
Marie Meili corset
Stradivarius shoes
Vintage Gucci bag
Asos earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings