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Brown slip dress

August 16, 2018

Entering my new found summer evenings combo: slip dresses with delicate cardigans. I found a similar cardigan to this one on Zaful, it's at the end of the post. I've never had a tight slip dress before so I couldn't discover how good this outfit really is. Most of the summery outfits are flowy and relaxed, which is also great, but slip dresses can look amazing as well. They also had a similar dress in yellow and maybe I should've gotten that one as well. πŸ˜‚ I did a post with this dress before and it was all about layering with slip dresses. There's nothing wrong with wearing slip dresses on their own, but they look excellent with some kind of layer on top. I love adding cardigans on every outfit, especially when summer nights get colder so you actually need a sweater or a cardigan.

Summer beauty favourites

August 08, 2018

Summer beauty bits are always great, everything smells like coconut, vanilla and sun. That's why I want to pack everything most of the time which makes my suitcases too heavy frequently. πŸ˜…  Coconut scent is one of my favourite scents (real and fake) and I've probably tried too much coconut scented beauty products in my life. The one I've been loving since last summer is Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist from Victoria's Secret. You probably know they have great body mists (that's basically what fragrance mists are) and I swear this one smells the best of them all. Again, I might not be objective on this one, I did say I love all coconut scents. Somehow the coconut in this one is not the regular coconuty coconut (if this makes any sense at all) it smells like sophisticated coconut. It stays on the skin super long, but if you spray it directly after applying body lotion (before skin absorbs it) it will stay even longer. I fell like the lotion locks the scent in somehow, maybe it's just my theory.

Is all white the ultimate holiday look?

August 02, 2018

When you open most of the fashion magazines right now you'll find some kind of white inspired editorial, outfit idea or even whole articles on wearing all white. Besides the obvious ''you shouldn't wear dark colours in the sun'' explanation, white is definitely one of the most summery colours. All white especially, you can't wear it as much during the year. We all have our favourite outfit options and white dress is mine. I have one that's six or seven years old and makes an excellent beach dress. πŸ˜‚ One pieces like dresses and jumpsuits are of course the most practical, you don't have to worry about the top and bottom being the exact same shade of white (hard to find). And this one is my newest addition to the collection, it looks great in day outfits. I found it at Zaful recently. Its retro cut with buttons is also super popular right now (not sure whether that's a good thing or not, but you get what I mean).

Holiday style staples

July 24, 2018

Another summer style post, this time holiday edition. I said before that I love summer fashion, mainly because you have so many options. From boho to retro looks, they all work and look good. Outfits with a vintage  vibe are definitely my favourite for the summer, but all the items and trends I mentioned in this post can be worn with any style.

Beauty products to buy in Greece

July 18, 2018

Buying beauty products while traveling is only the best part of it all. πŸ˜‚ Just kidding, but it's fun to try some brands and products you can't usually find. As it is season of summer holidays after all this post is going to be about Greek beauty brands, still wherever you travel you can find some gems among the ''native'' brands and products. I feel like French and Italian brands do sell their stuff all over the world, especially nowadays so you'll know most of them when you travel there. Not the reason not to stock up on Nuxe and Bioderma, though. πŸ˜†  Greek market is a bit different, with couple of the companies focusing on products made with mostly natural ingredients and they are not that available world wide so it makes shopping for them kind of special. 

Korres and Apivita are my favourites among them. I wrote about Korres couple of times before, here's one of those posts, and currently I'm loving their fragrances the most. I did use their skincare in the past and loved it, but right now I'm not using any of those products. The thing about Korres fragrances is that they last super long, even the Eau de Cologne, somehow those as well are long lasting. The two I like the most are still Pure Cotton and Apple Blossom and I added a Eau de Toilette to the collection. The one I have is Belflower/Tangerine/Pink Peper. It smells like Burberry The Beat, with a slight touch of vanilla underneath (the vanilla bit is very subtle). And I just got this White Blossom shower gel from my best friend who came back from Greece (literally just got it, she gave it to me today), can't wait to try it, it smells so nice.

Next we have Apivita. The history of the brand is similar to Korres, both companies were founded by pharmacist and focus on natural ingredients. You can read more about Apivita's history on their website, it's quite interesting. One of their first products was a black soap with propolis and thyme (bee products are one of their main ingredients from the beginning) and while I didn't know this I still opted to try some soaps from them first. I can honestly say these are some of the best soaps I've ever tried and I did try my fair share of soaps during the years. Chamomile and Jasmin are the scents I like the most, maybe I prefer Chamomile just a bit.  

They have face masks in these small packaging that are perfect for traveling and I tried Deep Cleansing and Radiance masks, first one is with green clay and second one with orange (the girl who worked at the drugstore actually recommended the second one and said it's her favourite). Both of these were excellent, although if I have to pick one it would be clay, I do have oily skin after all and can't live without clay masks. You can find both of these brands at pharmacies, which is the best part because everywhere you'll go they have to have a pharmacy. πŸ˜‚ Bigger cities have more options to choose from, of course, but Korres usually has a great selection, even at the islands. 


July 17, 2018

You might consider neutral items you have in your closet to be a certain base for more elaborate outfits, but it's sometimes fun to create looks only with neutrals. Black is the most obvious choice, all black outfits have been a fashion staple for more than a decade. For those who are not the biggest fans of all black there are so many other neutral options. I love this type of a beigey neutral colour scheme. Here I added a pair of snake print heels to break down the neutral theme, but you can always opt for a simpler, completely neutral look.

Vichy favourites

July 15, 2018

Loving so many products lately, most of them are skincare, some are hair products and honestly almost no makeup because I'm not using much of it right now. Lately I've been posting about some of them on Instagram and if you follow me there you've seen a lot of products by Vichy, so I decided to put all of them in one post. As you can see from these photos MinΓ©ral 89 is my most used product, I almost used this bottle up completely. It's a great skin booster, I like to say it's my favourite skin serum, although it's not  really a serum. You can read more about it in my MinΓ©ral 89 post. Second on the list is Aqualia Thermal Gel creme. I love Aqualia thermal line from Vichy, their serum is one of the first ones I ever used. It's the perfect night time moisturizer for me, formulated in gel consistency (like the name says) so it's not too rich for oily skin.

The newest addition on this list is the Slow Age Daily corrective care. At first I thought it would be too much for my oily skin, but it turns out my skin loved it. SPF 25 in this product makes it the perfect shield against harmful sun rays, it smells divine and leaves my skin looking healthy, glowy and refreshed. If you are like me and love your face super matte I would suggest not using it in the hottest of the days, but otherwise you should be fine. Last one here is a hair product, a part of Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions line. You can read more about the line itself here, and the product I like the most on its own is the Restoring and thickening balm. I apply it to the roots of my hair (as you are supposed to) and then use any type of a hair mask on the rest of my hair. It gives the hair a lot of volume and makes it less frizzy and super sleek.