Every time I see some new beauty gadget out there I think do we really need that or is it just a gimmick and a new thing to spend your money on and never properly use (and I'm not talking about Asian beauty gadgets, those are a whole other story). Sometimes they can be handy and useful, sometimes they just lay around your drawer and make you ask what were you thinking when you bought that. This post is about those I find really useful on daily basis, but are not so widely used, like for example eyelash curler.

Tangle teezer

I consider Tangle teezer to be one of my best beauty friends. With hair like mine (thick, long and tangly) you need real skills and patience to detangle it. Tangle teezer can do it without a fuss, even when my hair is wet or damp.

Fan brush

Lot of people think fan brushes are useless and never buy them or just have them laying around (if they came in brush set). The truth is they are great for removing eyeshadow fallout, without smearing the shadow all around the face. You just need a light hand when using it and the shadow shouldn't be too dark. In case of a dark eyeshadow you can put some baby powder under your eyes before doing your eye makeup and when you are finished just brush it off with, you guessed, a fan brush. Works every time. My fan brush is form Coastal scents brush set (sorry for the one hair sticking out in the picture, the brush is pretty old). 

Foundation sponges

Nowdays when we have all kinds of foundation brushes, beauty blenders, airbrushes we forgot about old fashioned foundation sponges. Long time ago, when I first started doing my makeup, I used only them to apply my foundation. Since then they hold a special place in my hart and makeup drawer. After I've been using other methods of applying my foundation I went back to using foundation sponges, and I almost forgot how great they are (and much less expensive than their fancy sibling beauty blender).

Travel kabuki brush

I like to blot in the middle of my day,  but carrying a kabuki can be messy or can ruin your kabuki if you're not careful enough. The solution is a travel kabuki. The case keeps all the hairs in place and the cap prevents them from getting in contact with other stuff in your bag. One I have is from Ecotools, it has really soft bristles, perfect for blotting of applying powder.

Lipstick sealer

I know this isn't technically a gadget, but anything called sealer must be a gadget, right? Anyways, this stuff is amazing, you just apply your lipstick, blot it with a tissue, then apply a coat of Lipstick sealer on top of it and let it dry. Lipstick will stay on your lips no matter what you do (this includes eating, drinking and kissing, although I'm not sure about making out). I got mine from modelinabottle.com (also known as home of the greatest makeup setting spray that I will talk about in one of future posts).

Travel perfume atomiser

It looks like proper name for one of this is perfume/fragrance atomiser. It's a small bottle that you fill with your perfume of choice (by spraying your perfume into dispenser) so you can have your favourite perfume in your bag without carrying a 100 ml bottle. I love having my perfume out and about with me, to freshen up or in case I forgot to spray my fragrance when leaving the house. I got this atomizer for Sephora, struggled a bit to spray my perfume into it (you'll see when you try it) and now I can't live without it. I know it's a no-brainer but don't put a different perfume in it when you use up the one you put in the first place. Coming form a personal experience, mixing of the scents wont be pleasant (unless you end up inventing amazing new scent).