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Makeup products you can use for different purposes

April 01, 2020

 How are you guys handling staying at home? I'm actually really enjoying it since I can do many creative things I like, although I know it's a bit weird to say when there are so many people who don't have the option of staying at home. My heart goes to them at this moment and I hope the rest of us will do our best to help them, even if it means ''only'' staying at home. If you are at home, you might be running out of beauty and makeup products. Luckily, I bought replacements for all the products I saw I will use up in the next period on time, but I am a bit of organization and planning freak in situations like these. 😂 But even if I didn't I would find new creative ways to use products for different purposes, I even do it in regular circumstances just for fun. Here I'll give you a few basics that are actually useful and can really work. Before I've saw some tips online, like replacing your brow gel with clear lip gloss, honestly I wouldn't try tips like those, in my opinion the only ones worth trying are tips that give you same results as the actual product.
P. S. It's perfectly OK not to wear makeup when you are staying at home (or when you are not), but I do like doing my makeup because it makes me happy and more productive.

About florals and spring

March 21, 2020

Quite a weird spring we are witnessing these days. Positive thing is that the weather was really nice during these first few spring days. It's maybe my favourite season and I love when the air starts smelling like spring and everything is blooming. Obviously, situation is a bit different these days and there's no denying it. Honestly I've been pretty happy these last few days although I've been staying at home. I found some books I haven't read (I'm really looking forward to reading them) and old sketch and collage notebooks so I'm planning on getting back to my forgotten hobbies. Organizing my apartment I had planned didn't exactly happen, but I'll get to it in the next days. As far as everyday life goes I've been doing everything pretty much the same, I still do my hair and makeup every day since it makes me happy. I'll also start doing yoga on my own, I use the Pocket yoga app and I like it a lot. I've been actually using this same app for almost 10 years so there are maybe better apps out there but I'm used to this one.

Prilično čudno proleće koje imamo ovih dana. Pozitivno je što je vreme bilo prilično lepo par prvih prolećnih dana. Ovo je možda moje omiljeno godišnje doba i obožavam kad vazduh krene da miriše na proleće i sve procveta. Naravno, situacija je malo drugačija ovih dana i to svi vidimo. Iskreno, ja sam bila srećna prethodnih dana iako ostajem kod kuće. Pronašla sam knjige koje nisam pročitala (i radujem se tome da ih pročitam) i stare sveske sa crtežima i kolažima pa planiram da se vratim tim ''zaboravljenim'' hobijima. Nisam baš organizovala stan kao što sam planirala, ali hoću narednih dana. Što se svakodnevnog života tiče uglavnom radim iste stvari, našminkam se ujutu i uvijem kosu jer me to usrećuje. Počeću i da radim jogu, ja koristim Pocket yoga aplikaciju  i sviđa mi se. U stvari je koristim već skoro deset godina pa možda postoje i bolje, ali sam se na nju navikla. 😂

How to make dark chocolate chip cookies from scratch

March 18, 2020

First post I'm writing since this whole virus situation escalated so I hope you are all well and safe. In the next period I will be back at doing daily posts to add to online content, although there's a lot of it already like 450 free Ivy League courses (which is probably my favourite). Before I go into the recipe I just wanted to remind you that this to shall pass (😂) and there's no need to panic and think about worse case scenarios, just live day by day and remain positive and calm. And responsible as much as you can. Now, I'm not gonna be one of those people telling you how this is the time to do all the things you had no time to do before or how we should use this time to relax and restart, but when I think about it it's all true. Since two years ago I've had this idea to go back to doing cooking posts on the blog (I did a couple in the earliest posts) but it didn't really make me that excited. But now when the most of us is at home, it could be fun to share some recipes, cooking and baking is a great distraction after all. This recipe for chocolate chip cookies is something I've been experimenting with during the winter holidays and I think the latest version is what I was striving for. You can modify it to your taste, of course. 

Art Inspiration N0. 22

March 10, 2020

One of my current obsessions is Art deco architecture, since there aren't as many examples of it, so its uniqueness as well as the design makes it special. Art deco is a truly beautiful style, some even consider it to be the last glamorous style in art history. It used to be believed that Art deco is actually the opposite of Art nouveau, which is a theory that first appeared during the 1960s (when a lot of art theories that we are questioning now appeared 😂). Today we don't see Art deco as an opposite to Art nouveau, instead we look at it rather as an extension to Art nouveau in many areas, especially its rich ornamentation, superb craftsmanship and use of fine materials. As far as the dating of the style goes, that also changed, old theory that the First World War divides Art nouveau and Art deco is not that precise, since some of Art deco works were created in the period between 1908. and 1912. as well as during the war. Following that theory we would say that The Great depression marked the end of Art deco, but since it started earlier we now think the style also ended earlier, during the 1920s.

Art Inspiration N0. 21

March 03, 2020

Back in the day when Art Inspiration posts were regular on the blog I used to publish one every week. I thought it would be fun if I tried to do that again, with new and interesting subjects regarding art and design. So for the comeback we have something I wanted to write about for a while, illustrations by my friend Ana. I linked her blog, since it's how we met, at some event for beauty bloggers (back then both of our blogs were mainly focused on beauty products). I probably already wrote about how we met and since then she became one of my dearest friends. She's so creative, kind and supportive and soon after we met we started working on all sorts of stuff for our blogs together. At that time she was  still studying law (but was equally creative as she is now, just in other areas of her life) which she quit and decided to start studying graphic design. 

Cropped jeans

March 02, 2020

Cropped jeans do look the best when they are flared or a bit wider at least. These are neither so I guess they fall into the category of skinny cropped jeans. Going with the logic that cropped jeans look the best with flats, loafers especially, I decided to pair them with the pair of flats I like. I'm also not able to wear heels yet since I injured my toes, but let me tell you not even all flats are comfortable when you've sprained your toes. These are too tight so they are definitely not comfortable flats. 😂 But they do look good with cropped jeans.

February beauty files

March 01, 2020

First post this month. I love March since it's the month when the spring starts and spring is maybe my favourite season. Although there's something beautiful in every season. My birthday is in April and all of the people I get along the best with were born in the spring so I guess it makes sense I love it. This winter was unusually warm so I used a perfume I would never use during the ''real'' winter, Diptyque Philosykos. When I got it I looked at it as a summer scent only, it does smell like fig leaves after all. The opposite are these two skincare product I included here. They would both be to harsh for sunny weather. First is the Vichy Idéalia peeling which I've been loving for a while. It's a night treatment you can use as a toner or on its own. I use it once a week and apply it alone or under my serum. Talking about serums, the other skincare product I mentioned is Bioderma Sébium serum. It's a gentle peel for combination to oily skin that also works as a night treatment.