Crop tops and shorts

September 12, 2022

One of the outfits everyone seems to be wearing are these wider shorts paired with crop tops. Honestly I thought crop tops would get so boring after a while, but I've actually been wearing some of mine (like this one here) for several years. I got it from one of those websites similar to Zaful that popped up back then, I know it's the fastest of the fast fashion and I don't really get stuff from those websites anymore, still since I do have clothes I got from them it wouldn't make sense not to wear them.

Linen dress

September 08, 2022

Maybe you've seen similar dresses all over the place, these wider ones with long sleeves. This one is made of linen so it's pretty light and flowy, but the dresses made out of thicker fabrics can't really turn into summer staples since it's too hot for them most of the time. They will keep your arms from burning when you are super fair though. 😁

"Upcycling" from my own closet

September 05, 2022

Here's one of my dresses I decided to ''upcycle'', basically just to wear it in a way I didn't wear it before, in casual outfits. This used to be a dress I would style much more formal and although I do think slip dresses go with everything and can be worn almost anywhere I don't really like wearing my elegant dresses elsewhere maybe this is one of those upcycling situations where I just changed the use of the dress. 😆

Green dress

September 02, 2022


Summer dresses are my favorite, right now it looks like summer is over, but I actually wore this one in August. Usually wrap dresses wrap all around the body, this one only wraps at the bottom which makes it a little more special. I also like this square cut around the neck together with the color. 

90s dress take two

August 28, 2022

One of my favourite types of dresses are these 90s inspired button up styles. I remember when I got this exact one couple of years ago, it was my first dress of the kind and I loved the fit. Can't believe I'm still wearing it and doing another post with it. Since then I got couple of really pretty 90s vintage dresses, that are actually from the era and I still wear this one the most. I guess I just like the way it fits, the waist looks so good. Back when I got the dress I remember feeling like it was a beginning of the comeback for 80s and 90s fashion and it turns out it was true, by the next summer so many styles from those eras appeared again and they are also popular right now.

60s inspired prints

July 12, 2022


One of my favorite trends right now is all these dresses inspired by 60s and 70s fashion. Some only resemble those eras in print, others both in prints and cut, like this one I'm wearing here. Most of the dresses I've seen that follow under the trend have 70s inspired prints and patterns on them (which I love!), but they come in contemporary cuts. Nothing wrong with that, I also have a 70s print dress with an unusual cut (and will probably post that one on the blog as well), I just think it's fun to see how a whole dress can be transferred from one era to another. 

How wide leg jeans came back again

March 28, 2022

Among many other things last two years have brought to us was also a not so unexpected return of the wide leg jeans. Fashion is, after all, cyclical and same trends always come and go (million times over). Experts on the matter say it marked an end of a 15 year old rule of skinny jeans. When I come to think of it, after the short period of supper flared jeans popularity in circa 2007., skinny jeans did really took over about fifteen years ago. I got my first pair around that time and I can still remember how weird it was to switch to skinny jeans, especially since back then they were made out of super thick denim plus they had a low waist. 😅 Mine even came with the zippers at the bottom, the legs were so tight you couldn't get them on any other way. 
Couple of years later a new trend spread like a wild fire, jeggings. If you remember, jeggings were (and still are) jeans with all the characteristics of leggings (super tight, supper stretchy) and were considered extremely tacky at first. Right around that time I got two pairs of jeans from GAP and now when I think about them I can only describe them as a mixture of jeans and jeggings. They were so comfortable and I wore one pair to death since I ruined the other one by spilling super glue on them.