Cord pants

April 07, 2021

Not the best thing to have winter weather in April, but it gives you a chance to wear some of those outfits we won't be wearing again until October. Since spring is my favorite season I really look forward to genuine spring outfits and all those lovely vintage inspired clothing you can't usually wear under heavy coats. I'm not so sure wether I did some outfit posts with these pants before, they are my favourite corduroy pants and I think my only pair of this kind. Corduroy is mainly a winter fabric so I wouldn't wear these without sweaters or at least turtleneck.

How fashion changed during 2020

November 13, 2020

Or should I say how it's still changing? Fashion industry used to be one of those industries that never actually changed. Many things inside of it did of course, like trends, designers, fabrics and with the new digital era marketing but esetntialy it was a closed environment of shows during fashion weeks, models who wore them, buyers that bought collections for stores (online and real ones) and people who attended the shows (honestly this last category was the most changeable one). In the last couple of years there were couple of areas that were criticized, mainly the issue of how unsustainable the whole industry has become. Sure, there were some brands that had some sustainable lines still most people thought of them as a bandaid or even cleaver markething that didn't change much in the real world.

Collecting and styling kimonos

June 24, 2020

When it comes to clothes I don't collect many things, especially lately since I started going through my closet and keeping only the items I truly love. I do keep a small collection of beautiful vintage pieces I gathered over the years, I started searching for them about eight years ago. Some of them are my moms as well, she occasionally finds clothes that she doesn't wear that's so pretty and still wearable, like a beautiful 80s jacket she gave me couple of weeks ago. Around the same time I started learning more about vintage clothes I feel in love with vintage kimonos. Besides bags and vintage hair combs that's the only thing I looked at as a collectible rather than something I would wear. My opinion about the other two also changed a bit, I only kept two beautiful hair combs and I wear all of my vintage bags, none of them gather dust or just lay around. 

Updated Korean beauty favorites

May 06, 2020

I've been thinking lately about how beauty trends and popular products really changed a lot during the past couple years. It used to be all about French beauty and brands like Nuxe and Bioderma, but now Korean products are taking over. I love them both, up until January of this year I was still using my favorite Nuxe night time moisturizer and I thought I would never replace it. Then things took a turn and I switched to K beauty moisturizer which resulted in me using more and more Korean beauty. I did a post with K beauty favorites in December, but many products I use changed so I wanted to write an update. Also, in the last couple of days I've been talking to my friend Ana about Korean beauty a lot and all the products we would love to try. So the subject has been on my mind a lot. 

The moisturizer I mentioned from January is Mizon All in one snail repair cream. As it turns out, snail creams are not only moisturizing, they also help with acne, acne scars and scars in general. Since I've been using this one for a while I run out so now I'm using their Collagen power lifting cream. It's too early to tell about all of its lifting properties, but so far it's been quite a nice moisturizer. Talking about Mizon, I think I mentioned before how much I love their Snail repair eye cream. Right now I'm close to the end of this jar and I ordered a new eye cream (also from a new Korean brand), hopefully it would be as good as this one. Toner wise I'm still using my Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner. Sheet masks are the hugest K beauty trend of them all and there are so many different ones out there. At the moment I'm using Labute cosmetics sheet masks the most, since they are perfect for applying after dermarolling.

Novelty in my skincare collection are these Heimish Hydrogel eye patches. Although I did try all sorts of eye masks and patches I've never tried this type of eye patches before. They are super hydrating and easy to use. Cleanser wise, here I have a brand I've tried before, It's skin, but a different cleanser from them. This one is Have a Orange cleansing foam (I know, it should be an orange 😂). It's quite good, like all of their cleansers. And the last favorite is also the one I mentioned before, Erborian Cleansing creme. Not your typical cleanser, it's one of those signature K beauty gentle products. 

Spring lipstick picks

April 30, 2020

Are you wearing lipstick right now? I know most of us aren't because of face masks, but when you are at home or when you get back home you can. For me it's kind of weird to not wear lipstick since I'm so used to applying it when I'm doing my makeup. What I'm doing these days, if I'm going somewhere during the day, is that I'll finish my makeup, apply lip balm and when I get back home I do my lipstick. I know this sounds weird, but I just love wearing lipstick. Of course, I don't do it everyday. We all know that makeup is always more than just makeup, for me it's more about that comforting feeling of doing something I'm so used to doing. Did you know that in the past during the times of crisis, sales of smaller items like lipsticks increased, since they were cheaper to buy and women wanted to save their money, but still get something that will cheer them up. 

90s sundress

April 25, 2020

I've had photos for this post for almost a year, but I forgot to post them. It's the great opportunity now, these retro inspired dresses are always perfect for spring. Maybe you remember how dresses with this and similar cuts appeared couple of years ago and became one of the most coveted styles. I always say dresses and jumpsuits give you the easiest outfits, you only need one piece of clothing for the whole look. Retro dresses come back all the time and this type of 90s inspired dresses returned couple of years ago and I've been searching for a dress like that since. This one is really cute, I like the sleeves and the button details. 

How to make all beige outfits more interesting

April 18, 2020

By now I probably published quite a few all beige outfits on the blog, that's just because I love wearing them. Even when you are at home you can pull them off, just don't eat in front of the TV and wear an apron when you are making food. 😂 There really are many ways to make them more interesting, they don't have to be this same old thing you wear over and over. Right now I find them more interesting than even black outfits.