January 10, 2020

First post in this year! I wish you all the best, a lots of happiness and great work ethic so you can turn all you plans into reality. If you make New Year's resolutions you've probably already made them by now. I don't usually make resolutions at the beginning of the year, like I mentioned in my New Year's posts before. Still, this year I thought it would be fun to try cooking more healthy recipes and to bake more. I love cooking, but I don't bake that much, which is already changing since I baked three batches of chocolate chip cookies in the last three days. 😂 Looks like I'm close to finding that perfect recipe. 

Teddy coat & mom jeans

December 27, 2019

One coat you've probably been seeing everywhere is a teddy coat. It's my favourite coat for winter outfits for many reasons. Teddy coats are definitely one of the warmest and comfiest coats ever. You can just throw them on top of everything and they will make you warm. Not so sure it will look that elegant, but that's not what these coats are known for. As the decade is coming to an end (I know, sounds super scary 😂) it makes me think about the trends that will make this transition.

New Year's Lookbook: 80s dress

December 26, 2019

One interesting thing that happened in fashion this year is the big comeback of 80s dresses. I didn't expect for this trend to spread so fast, although I wore 80s dresses even before it was the trend. My favourite thing ever are retro dresses, or actual vintage dresses which is even better. Return of 80s dresses happened recently and, like I said, super fast and since then I started looking for a new 80s dress. Long sleeved ones looked the cutest and I got some that were really pretty, but not 80s enough in my opinion. Then I found this one in Zara and I like how it has that 80s cut, but is not one of those super short and tight dresses.

New Year's Lookbook: sparkly blouse

December 24, 2019

Sparkly fabrics are probably one of the most festive things you can wear during the holidays. I wasn’t always that into sparkly stuff, especially not into wearing them. 😂 But I guess even when you are not into them, you can make an exception during this season. I already wrote about lame fabric, in this post here. It’s a great choice when you don’t like sequins and similar shiny fabrics. Lame is different, because the sparkly tread is inter weaved with regular thread so it creates this rather pretty shiny fabric. It looks the best when shinny thread is combined with a darker one since it pops out the most.

Korean beauty favourites

December 23, 2019

If I would have to name one beauty craze that's bigger than them all at the moment, it would be Korean skincare. Last time I did a post on Korean beauty, most of the brands I'm using now weren't even widely available. It was more than three years ago, after all. In case you don't know much about Korean beauty, you can read that post here. Anyways, back then I used to love Korean beauty cleansers and recently I got back into them. It all started with this It's skin Have a eggshell cleansing foam. The cleanser is formulated with egg yolk extract and egg shell. I know, it sounds weird to use a cleanser with egg shell in it, but it cleanses great and tightens the pores at the same time. While this is a usual ''old school'' cleanser, the other one I like is the opposite of that. Erborian Cleansing creme is one of those cleansers that can melt the makeup off and is super gentle on the skin. You just need a small amount you massage directly over the face and when all the makeup and dirt is melted you can wash it off with water. 

Other product from Erborian I really like is their Black soap. This is not a classical black soap, like the black African soap, it's more of a regular soap in black colour (if that makes any sense). Same as the Cleansing creme, it smells divine and if the cream is too gentle for you (which it might be when your skin is not sensitive or delicate and dry) the soap will be a perfect match. I heard so many raving reviews for Benton ALOE BHA skin toner. As the name suggests it contains aloe vera and the BHA acid in it is actually salicylic acid. I'm a huge fan of salicylic acid. It's basically my bread and butter when it comes to skincare. So far this has been one of the best alcohol free toners I've tried in a while. Last on this list of favourites is a product I've wrote about before, Mizon Snail repair eye cream. While snail extract products still might not be among the most mainstream products, I think Mizon is on a way to change that. Hands down, this is probably the best eye cream I've ever used. It makes under the eye area brighter and more even while hydrating well.


New Year's Lookbook: black dress and velvet headband

December 22, 2019

For the first New Year's lookbook this year I thought it would be fun to incorporate one of the biggest trends from 2019., headbands. I'm really surprised how fast this trend has spread, yet again in the time of Internet and social media things do tend to spread a lot faster. Personally I love all of the hair trends and headbands are just the best. They keep your hair in place and look so good on, most of them remind me of 90s style hair, but in this newest reincarnation headbands are getting even bigger and more elaborate. I'm not sure I would wear those super big headbands (I guess you never know, but I think I wouldn't), still the braided velvety ones do look gorgeous. I added this red velvet headband to the New Year's look because I think it's so festive and a nice holiday accessory. You could also wear this or a similar headband with more festive holiday looks like Christmas jumpers and sequin dresses.

Styling ruffle dresses

December 21, 2019

How amazing is the fact that this December is so warm we can still wear dresses! Especially long sleeved dresses, which look so pretty and are season appropriate. Although there are great options for more wintry dresses as well, light fabric ones are still great for holiday parties and similar occasions. I actually have some ready for my New Year's lookbooks that are coming up next week! Until then here's a ruffle dress I ordered recently.Not so sure whether I'm a huge fan of ruffle dresses or not. I know it sounds strange considering I'm wearing one in this post and probably in more than a couple posts in this blog. The thing is I like the certain type of ruffle dresses. If they are too ruffly it's a no go. Couple of ruffles here and there are fine, especially if the cut of the dress is allowing it. You probably noticed how some dresses look great with ruffles while some would be better off without them.