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60s inspired prints

July 12, 2022


One of my favorite trends right now is all these dresses inspired by 60s and 70s fashion. Some only resemble those eras in print, others both in prints and cut, like this one I'm wearing here. Most of the dresses I've seen that follow under the trend have 70s inspired prints and patterns on them (which I love!), but they come in contemporary cuts. Nothing wrong with that, I also have a 70s print dress with an unusual cut (and will probably post that one on the blog as well), I just think it's fun to see how a whole dress can be transferred from one era to another. 

How wide leg jeans came back again

March 28, 2022

Among many other things last two years have brought to us was also a not so unexpected return of the wide leg jeans. Fashion is, after all, cyclical and same trends always come and go (million times over). Experts on the matter say it marked an end of a 15 year old rule of skinny jeans. When I come to think of it, after the short period of supper flared jeans popularity in circa 2007., skinny jeans did really took over about fifteen years ago. I got my first pair around that time and I can still remember how weird it was to switch to skinny jeans, especially since back then they were made out of super thick denim plus they had a low waist. 😅 Mine even came with the zippers at the bottom, the legs were so tight you couldn't get them on any other way. 
Couple of years later a new trend spread like a wild fire, jeggings. If you remember, jeggings were (and still are) jeans with all the characteristics of leggings (super tight, supper stretchy) and were considered extremely tacky at first. Right around that time I got two pairs of jeans from GAP and now when I think about them I can only describe them as a mixture of jeans and jeggings. They were so comfortable and I wore one pair to death since I ruined the other one by spilling super glue on them. 

Styling chunky boots

March 12, 2022

Or should I say boots with chunky soles. This trend of chunky boots and shoes in general came back during the past couple seasons, but it's nothing new since we had the same craze during the 90s. I remember my best friend wearing those sneakers that looked like they came straight from the Spice girls video when we were kids. You can find same sneakers right now as well, along with some super pretty boots. I got mine since I do like boots with heels anyways, these are basically the same, only they are completely high, not only the heel.

Two step layering

March 11, 2022

Layering normally includes more than one clothing item, usually three, but this time I layered with only one wrap coat worn as a kind of an oversized coat. This was definitely my favorite coat during the winter, I wore it with so many outfits, mostly the ones with jeans and sweaters, but also with skirts and tights like I did here. Wrap coats are slowly becoming my favourite type of coats, you can really style them with anything and they will always keep you warm. Black is an obvious choice and it is the most elegant coat you can wear, but I love my olive green wrap coat as well. 

A word on upcycling

January 06, 2022


One sparkly look because it's Orthodox Christmas Eve. 😍 I got this bag couple of days ago and I really like the shape which is similar to a silhouette of a 90s baguette bag. The bag itself is a great example of upcycling in fashion, the top part and a handle are made out of zippers. Recycling in a world of fashion is often being criticized, since most of the recycled clothing items end up in landfills anyways, instead of being properly recycled and made into something else.
On the other hand, upcycling is a process in which items are directly made into new items and there are many brands like Re/Done making whole collections out of previously used garments. When I first heard about it, upcycling sounded a little silly, but now it makes so much sense, especially with so many new clothing items being produced every day around the World.

Winter denim

January 05, 2022


Some of the photos I took at the end of last year, with one of my favorite denim jackets. 
I love wearing denim jackets and they are not really something you'll wear during colder winter months, although you can pull it off during rare warmer winter days. These ''shearling'' denim jackets, on the other hand, can keep you warm and create nice wintry looks unless it's snowing or freezing. I got this one because it looks so pretty with high waisted pants (or jeans if you are doing that denim on denim look) and dresses. If you've watched Gilmore girls you probably remember Lorelai and Rory both had similar jackets. I always wandered what kind of weather they had in Stars Hollow to be able to wear such jackets during the whole winter. 😆


January 04, 2022

OK, not the first day of the year, but I'm wishing you an amazing one! Even if you are not in a holiday mood you can still have a great start of the year. Here's what I ended up wearing on New Year's eve, same corset I posted in one of the previous posts, only over a shirt. That's a great thing about corsets, you can style them on their own as well as with other garments. I was also wearing a skort, it's a mixture of a skirt and a pair of shorts (for those who didn't know), but I feel like many people love and wear them. My sister and I also got these plastic tiaras to wear on the 31., which ended up being more fun that wearing antlers or a Santa's hat.