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Sunny weather

February 14, 2020

Don't you just love sunny days when it's supposed to be winter and all cold and gloomy. Any day when you can wear sunglasses for real is amazing in my book. 😂 This time I thought to go with this simple look of a turtleneck (well, almost) sweater with a wool jacket because you can wear this type of outfits only when the winter is really warm. Any jeans that are not super skinny will go with the look, shorter leg ones are the best because you can pair them well with ankle boots. Speaking about the boots, these are actually my new favourite pair of ankle boots, but more about them in the next fashion post. I think I like them because they are a bit taller than all the other ankle boots I have so they look super cute with jeans that have a shorter leg.

Everyday skincare tips

February 11, 2020

Few days ago my friend asked me how often do I go to a beautician and I just stood there confused because going to a beautician hasn't crossed my mind since I was in high school. I have my beauty routine so well figured out by now that it feels like going to someone else would somehow throw it out of balance. Maybe it sounds crazy but I've been taking care of my own skin for such a long time and by know I know it so well. So here are some of my tips I've learned over the years that will make your skin beautiful and healthy at all times.

Two toned boots

February 08, 2020

I was never the biggest fan of suede boots, but I think I'm warming up to them. I like these mainly because of the heel length, this kind of high but not too high heel is my favourite when it comes to boots. Usually I wear ankle boots with such heel, still I liked these a lot because I thought they will look cute with boho dresses when the spring comes. That whole 70s dresses with chunky heel boots is right up my alley. What do you think about wearing black and brown together? When I first saw these boots all I could think about is that ''rule'' that says you can't pair black and brown. Now, I don't really believe in any rules when it comes to fashion, although I still clearly remember the day one of my friends told me she would never wear black and brown together. We were in high school back then and that ''rule'' made no sense to me back then as it doesn't today. Maybe I just like to rebel against all the rules. 😂

Five tips for perfect liquid eyeliner

February 04, 2020

Liquid eyeliner is one of those makeup products that can completely transform a look, especially if it’s black. I tried using brown eyeliner in the past and although it can also look pretty, black eyeliner is my bread and butter when it comes to eye makeup. I remember the first time I started using it (it was about 8 or 9 years ago) and my eyeliner skills were pretty low but I still thought it looked amazing. Since I started wearing makeup even before I knew liquid eyeliner existed there was a time when my eye makeup looks were simpler, sometimes with a pencil liner (in the waterline, of course 😂) and sometimes with an eyeshadow matching the colour of my outfit. Yes, those were the days. I still sometimes wear simpler makeup and even don’t wear makeup at all but my favourite eye looks always include black eyeliner. So after so many years of wearing it, what would be my main tips for applying liquid eyeliner? 


January 10, 2020

First post in this year! I wish you all the best, a lots of happiness and great work ethic so you can turn all you plans into reality. If you make New Year's resolutions you've probably already made them by now. I don't usually make resolutions at the beginning of the year, like I mentioned in my New Year's posts before. Still, this year I thought it would be fun to try cooking more healthy recipes and to bake more. I love cooking, but I don't bake that much, which is already changing since I baked three batches of chocolate chip cookies in the last three days. 😂 Looks like I'm close to finding that perfect recipe. 

Teddy coat & mom jeans

December 27, 2019

One coat you've probably been seeing everywhere is a teddy coat. It's my favourite coat for winter outfits for many reasons. Teddy coats are definitely one of the warmest and comfiest coats ever. You can just throw them on top of everything and they will make you warm. Not so sure it will look that elegant, but that's not what these coats are known for. As the decade is coming to an end (I know, sounds super scary 😂) it makes me think about the trends that will make this transition.

New Year's Lookbook: 80s dress

December 26, 2019

One interesting thing that happened in fashion this year is the big comeback of 80s dresses. I didn't expect for this trend to spread so fast, although I wore 80s dresses even before it was the trend. My favourite thing ever are retro dresses, or actual vintage dresses which is even better. Return of 80s dresses happened recently and, like I said, super fast and since then I started looking for a new 80s dress. Long sleeved ones looked the cutest and I got some that were really pretty, but not 80s enough in my opinion. Then I found this one in Zara and I like how it has that 80s cut, but is not one of those super short and tight dresses.