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January 05, 2023

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you the best year ever! Here's what I ended up wearing on New Year's, I actually got a type of a skirt I wrote about in one of the last posts and I paired it with this blouse that I also got because I've wanted a similar top for a while.

New Year's lookbook: fur collar cardigan

December 29, 2022

Like I mentioned yesterday, second look I did also includes a top from the same line as my first look. This one is slightly more casual, same as the look itself. At first I thought  the cardigan was a bit too fluffy, but it reminded me of a sweater I had as a kid, my sister and I had matching ones, mine was green and hers was red, just instead of the fur these had a lace trim. I paired it wit jeans and boots for a casual look, it has became a kind of tradition for me to do one look with jeans every year. Last year it was a light wide leg pair and this time I picked these darker ones with a slightly wider leg.

New Year's lookbook: lace blouse

December 28, 2022

It's that time of the year again, when I'm coming up with New Year's looks. 😍 This time I'm not so sure how creative I was, since two looks have tops from the same collection, Camille X Mango line. I liked all the pieces Camille did for this collaboration, they are so chic and feminine, shoes are actually what got my attention at first, but I ended up with two blouses. First is this lace one, it's pretty much see through so you have many options for what to wear underneath, here I opted for a simple strapless top. Combined with a vintage 90s skirt it gives a nice vibe and the whole look is perfect for a semi casual (semi formal 😀) New Year's eve.

Y2K favourites

December 27, 2022


Y2K fashion has been around for some time now and I love the resurrection of the era. This trend mainly represents the return of styles starting from the end of 90s to the early 2000s including bright colors, rhinestones, velour and futuristic touches. Most of these don't fit my style, although I do think they can look super cute. After all I did wear them ages ago when 2000s fashion actually appeared for the first time. When it comes to more wearable Y2K pieces, tops, like this one I'm wearing here, are my favorite. You can really create so many different looks with all kinds of Y2K tops. I even got one made of lace recently and will probably include it in my New Year's lookbooks. Other thing I like are, of course, wide leg jeans! They look so good in many outfits, I will maybe go for a slightly low waisted ones (not 2000s low waisted though) in the next year. Besides the jeans I was so happy when Y2K bags came back. I used to collect similar bags as a kid and probably have them stored somewhere. Last thing are all sorts of hair clips that also remind me of my childhood, they are everywhere, especially butterfly and flower clips.

80s inspired navy dress

December 24, 2022

I used to be kind of obsessed with these 80s cut dresses, especially if I saw a cut I really liked in a movie or a magazine. So when I found this one it reminded me of those dresses, I can’t really remember where I got it, I think it was on one of those generic websites, they all have pretty much the same stuff, but you sometimes run into gems like this. I will leave the name of website down below if I manage to find it. The best part about this dress is that it actually looks like a blouse and skirt set (a same material and fabric color set). 

Skirts I like right now

December 23, 2022

These slip style skirts have been everywhere for years, but their variations are actually slightly different. Back in 2018. it was all about silky high waisted skirts (and they are still around but not as much) then the retro ones with prints came in, like this one I'm wearing here. I still like this skirt and similar ones, but the skirts that are taking over are Y2K low waisted midi skirts. I haven't found the one I really like so far, my plan is to try and find one until the spring comes. Preferably it should be a vintage skirt, it doesn't have to be since there are so many cute non vintage ones out there right now

Slip dress/oversized jacket

December 22, 2022


Another trend in the last couple of years has been wearing slip dresses with these type of retro blazers. I do like oversized blazers a lot, especially the vintage ones. I also loved wearing this slip dress back when I got it, the cut is so nice and the print is very interesting. Still, when I wore it without a shirt underneath it looked kind of weird so I pretty much always wore it paired with a white T-Shirt.