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White boho skirts

September 20, 2023


These type of skirts have been all around lately, similar versions though, they are actually a lot more boho, but they made me remember I had this one. I didn't wear it for a while mainly because skirts this long come to be not so practical, still I love the way they look. 

Pinterest outfit ideas

September 19, 2023

Another outfit with this skirt in a couple of months, now when I remembered that I have it I though I should wear it more. I was inspired by an outfit I've seen on Pinterest a while back. This combo of an everyday look with a beach bag looked so cute to me so I decided to recreate it.

Tie dye dress

September 13, 2023


The return of tie dye dresses made me so happy, these are perfect when you don't want to wear prints like florals, stripes etc. but you also don't want to wear a solid color dress. They are, of course, another element of 90s fashion that ''came back''. For now I've loved all of them, it is after all one of my favorite fashion decades. 

Beige vest

September 12, 2023


Out of all trendy vests right now I love this cut the most. It's not to pointy on the bottom, but also not to round and it reminds me of those vests they wore in 90s rom-coms. Fabric is also so nice, a linen blend (although they say you shouldn't blend linen with other materials). Color is just perfect for my wardrobe since I do have a similar black vest already.

Draped slip dress

September 11, 2023


Not the first post with this dress, but I love how it looks on since it has a kind of a draped effect in the front. Normally slip dresses don't come with this kind of draping, even when they are draped it's that type od flow draping all along the dress. I think it gives an interesting twist to regular slip dress.

Cropped pants

September 10, 2023

One of my favorites for the end of summer and beginning of autumn are these type of pants cropped above the ankles. They are perfect for late summer early autumn outfits because they go well with summery tops like this one I'm wearing here and they can also go well with longer sleeves and even jackets. 

90s jumpsuit

September 09, 2023

Another post with this vintage jumpsuit. I actually got it on one of those Instagram pages that sell vintage clothes. I loved this print so much and the cut is really nice. Also, I got this same pair of espadrilles in beige, I had one in black already.