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Wearing shorts in colder weather

November 16, 2019

How long after the summer can you get away with wearing shorts? I guess it's a rhetorical question since people wear them well into the winter as well. I still remember the first time I saw a supper pretty cold weather outfit with shorts. It was what Drew Barymore's character in ''Music and lyrics'' wore in her first scene there. Great movie, by the way, especially if you are a fan of 80s music. Anyways, back then I realized how cute a cold weather outfits with shorts can look. With them, tights are a must, of course. Which makes everything look even cuter, if you ask me. So what to wear to complete the look? Although I love over the knee boots, sometimes they can be too much with shorts. In my opinion it's the best to save them for dresses and skirts (most of the time at least, not to say I never wear them with shorts and pants).

All beige

November 11, 2019

From someone who never liked warm tones in clothing to all beige outfits. What happened to me? 😅 Well I did break things down with couple of black accessories so I'm not yet in the complete beige outfits phase. I'm not sure why I was never a fan of beige outfits, probably because I grew up (or should I say was in my late teens) when completely black outfits were all the rage. Maybe you remember the style, everything was black, leather, skulls and spikes. It was the times when wearing all black wasn't edgy or making a statement, it was just on trend. Considering all that it does make sense the idea of a head to toe black outfit remained etched on my memory as the classiest thing you can wear. Fast forward to today when nudes are kind of taking over. I've been seeing the phrase nude is the new black all over the place. And it really is true, whether it's clothes, makeup or even interior design. Although it wasn't my cup of tea before, I have to say I've been loving this colour palette.

Chunky sweater/slip dress

November 06, 2019

Chunky sweaters are my old love and I have the exact same one in blue. I got it two years ago and it has been one of my most worn sweaters since so when I recently saw this one (and on sale!) I had to have it. If you are like me and love wearing sweaters with pretty much everything, it comes in handy to have more options in your closet. Maybe this is only what I tell myself as an excuse to get more sweaters, I’m not sure. 😂 Anyways, when it comes to wearing them, there are so many beautiful outfits you can create with chunky knits. My all time favourite is pairing them with skirts and dresses. Like I said in one of the last posts, it’s the perfect outfit for summer to autumn transition. And it’s super fun, with dresses and skirts being the playful, girly element and a chunky knit toning it down.

Button down skirt

November 04, 2019

Not the trendiest of all the pieces, but still my favourite denim skirt. Button down skirts used to be huge couple of years ago, especially the denim ones. This one is perfect mainly because of the length, it's not too short so it's great for everyday. You can wear these type of skirts all year long, in the summer with camis and of the shoulder blouses and then later into the autumn with sweaters and leather jackets. Here I paired it with my favourite fluffy sweater. Fluffy sweaters really weren't my thing until I got this one a year ago. They look super cute with most of the outfits.

First look of this autumn

October 22, 2019

How are your autumn looks going? Are you still in that post summer phase just wearing warmer versions of summery outfits or are all of your sweaters and thicker stuff already on rotation? I'm doing both, just getting one sweater out at the time, I should probably get all of my autumn/winter clothes out of storage and organize them in my closet, but I've just been so busy and maybe procrastinating because I didn't want for summer to end. Right now I don't know what my favourite style for this time of the year is, I love skirts and dresses you can transform into full cooler weather outfits by throwing some layers over them (chunky sweaters are the best) and I also like those super autumny looks (like this one here) with thicker clothing items and coats. The only thing is that you can wear the second kind of looks into the winter as well so maybe we should wear the first one right now when we still have the chance. 😂

August favourites

September 05, 2019

Summer might be almost over, but summer skincare bits are here to stay. Some products are just good all year long and even if you don't have a super complicated routine you probably have a couple of favourites you like to use all the time. I try not to experiment much with new skincare bits, using too many different ingredients at once can cause more harm than benefits. I've always loved testing out new eye creams though, especially if there's a new formula I've never heard about before. Although it's not exactly a new ingredient, I never tried too much stuff with snail slime, but I heard a lot of great reviews for Mizon Snail Repair eye cream so I decided to give it a go. So far I really like it, it does brighten up dark circles and makes skin under the eye firmer. Which is exactly the two things it promises it will do. My next favourite is also an eye cream, I use this one at night while I use my Mizon cream in the morning. It's Vichy's Liftactiv Supreme eyes cream and I love how it's creamy but not to thick.

Leto se možda bliži kraju, ali svi proizvodi koje smo tokom njega koristili ostaju. Mnogi su dobri tokom cele godine i čak ako nemate preterano komplikovanu rutinu verovatno imate par omiljenih koje koristite sve vreme. Ne eksperimentišem previše sa novim proizvodima, ako koristite dosta različitih sastojaka odjednom to može više da šteti nego da vam pomogne. I pored toga, volim uvek da isprobam nove okoloočne kreme, pogotovo ako je u pitanju formula za koju ranije nisam čula. Iako nije baš ''novi'' sastojak, nikad nisam probala dosta stvari sa puževom sluzi, ali jesam čula puno preporuka za Mizon Snail Repair okoloočnu kremu pa sam morala da je probam. Do sada mi se dosta dopala, lepo izbeli deo ispod oka (da ne kažem podočnjake 😂) i učvrsti kožu. Što i jesu dve glavne stvari koje obećava da će uraditi. Sledeći favorit je takođe okoloočna krema, ovu koristim uveče dok Mizon koristim ujutru. U pitanju je Vichy's Liftactiv Supreme eyes krema i dopada mi se što je kremasta, ali nije gusta.

Summer beauty files

August 08, 2019

If I needed to describe my summer skincare and beauty super fast it would be: SPF plus everything coconutty. I'm not the biggest fan of makeup during summer, I do wear it for nights out and stuff like that, but most of the time I just use all the SPF I can find. 😅 Normally I use SPF 15 as found in my all time favourite moisturizer and switch to higher during summer, especially on a holiday. It used to be SPF 30 and now I'm using 50 just in case. Sun is really getting stronger and skin on your face is the first to suffer. When you use a lot of products with stronger ingredients like acids, skin gets more sensitive so higher SPF is a must. Skin on the body is a bit less sensitive (unless you have super sensitive skin) so I think SPF 30 is just fine. Again, if you are really pale or burn fast go even higher. This year I'm using my all time favourite body sunscreen Piz Buin. I wrote about it before so I'll keep it short, the main reason why I love it is the scent. It doesn't smell summery at all to me, still I love it. It's like a perfume in a shape of a sunscreen, but not too overwhelming. I also love the texture, it's not thick or greasy.