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Cotton jumpsuit

May 22, 2024

I feel like jumpsuits are the most practical piece of clothing ever. Especially these type that look like dresses since you get the dress aesthetic but so practical and comfy. This one is maybe the prettiest one I own. It has this kind of a retro romantic vibe so I thought it was perfect for me. And the fabric is so nice which is always a plus.

Flared pants

April 03, 2024

Flares are not the newest of trends but I had to comment on this since they do give the best outfit silhouettes.  Especially with sneakers and kitten heels boots. Here I paired them with a boho straw bag and a denim jacket. These types of jackets are also gaining popularity right now and I still remember when they were popular back in the day. Same goes for flared pants since I wore them a lot as a kid.

Styling sneakers

April 02, 2024


I'm not much of a sneakers person but I do wear them sometimes and they are the most comfortable shoes when a lot of walking is involved. Here I wore them in the simplest possible outfit but I thought to write a couple of tips on how to style them in a more elegant way. First of all I like to pair them with simple looks to get the best vibe and also I love how sneakers look with these wrap coats or other oversized items. Other thing you could do is ''the wrong shoe theory'' popular right now, that states that a look should be worn with completely opposite shoes, for example floral flowy dress with a pair of chunky sporty sneakers. Of course it goes withought saying you should get a pair you really like despite all the trends. 

Latest makeup favorites

April 01, 2024


I never do these types of posts anymore, but I used to love writing about my beauty and makeup favorites. Honestly I don't even know where to start since I have so many new ones. So I guess I'll start with couple of makeup bits I've been loving. First is this Illamasqua creamy blush, correct name is Cream Blusher and mine is in the shade Promise. Creamy blushes have been huge lately and it makes me so happy everyone is discovering them, I've been loving them since circa 2013. They give you such a dewy cheek color a regular blush just can't. Promise is kid of a neutral shade and when you blend it in it really looks gentle and isn't overwhelming. Next we have Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in the shade 430 Marie and I can't believe I only discovered this shade couple of months ago, it is a perfect everyday shade for me and it's so hydrating and smooth on the lips. Last one is the Chanel Ombre Première loose eyeshadow in 402 Sycomore, this color is so good it's sold out on the Chanel website right now. What makes this eyeshadow so great it it's buildable formula so you can wear just one layer for a natural look or add more and even create a smokey eye. Also, it's talc free and I prefer talc free eyeshadows.

Y2K sweater

March 31, 2024

I used to love these type of sweaters with bell sleeves, I remember my sister having one that was so pretty, purple with white flower design. Y2K fashion is still around and even if it wasn't, its comeback made us all think about those cuts and silhouettes. What I loved about sweaters back then is the fact they all were fitted, this one isn't but it still has those same vibes.

Camel coats with white shirts

March 30, 2024

Although this looks like a super simple outfit it kind of gives a Pinterest vibe. I am still not used to camel wrap coats, but I'm warming up to this one. Even here I didn't wear it completely wrapped up. Ever since the weather started transitioning to spring it made sense to me to switch up my darker coats for a camel one.


January 07, 2024

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates today! As always I'm wishing you the best year ever!