So some time ago (couple of years ago when I come to think of it) I started experimenting with ''no make up'' make up. As always with this kind of make up, face was the problem. You want perfect matte and pore less face but how to do it without foundation? After some research online I found out about Diorskin crystal nude natural matte skin perfecter. Back then primers weren't that big of a deal, so I didn't consider this to be a primer, although some people online said that they use it as a primer. Other claimed they use it over their foundation, so by the time I finished reading the reviews this product seemed so interesting that I had to try it. When I did it turned out that it was what I was looking for in the first place-face make up for ''no make up'' looks. I used to wear it all the time when I didn't want to wear foundation and my skin looked pretty amazing, pores were invisible, my face wasn't shinny whatsoever and my whole complexion looked even and natural. Then I just stopped using it with no reason (sometimes you just stop using some product with no explanation) and couple weeks ago I remembered how great this stuff is. I wanted to buy it again but I can't find it anywhere so it looks like it was discontinued. Which is such a shame, I love this stuff and I hope Dior will start making it again!