If you struggle with ingrown hair then you know it's no picnic to get rid of it. All those things you should do to prevent them like not showering with watter that's too hot or not shaving too deep usually doesn't work for me. I find that exfoliating and moisturising you skin does help but in my case it's not enough. So a while ago I started using products that target ingrown hair and I find that these are the best for fighting ingrown hair.

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go

This treatment gets rid of hairs that are trapped in your skin and also prevents new ingrown hair. You are supposed to use it twice a day (or once if you fell this is to harsh for your skin) until all the ingrown hairs are gone. Then you use it couple of days prior to hair removal to make sure all hairs are free and ready to be removed. This product has helped my skin a lot, it is a strong formula so your skin can be a little flaky in the beginning (when you use it every day) but don't be scared and apply it regularly and you will see results for sure.

Ingrown Free Ingrown Hair Solution

I wasn't sure if I should put this product in a post, because it looks like you can't buy it anymore, at least I can't find it anywhere. Still, it is a very good product for removing ingrown hair, and that's what this post is all about. Anyways, its formula isn't so strong and you are supposed to apply it after waxing and shaving (opposite to Ingrow Go, you really shouldn't apply Ingrow Go straight after hair removal). The treatment softens the skin helping the hair to grow to the surface. It is a good treatment and doesn't leave your skin flaky or irritated. 

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Hand & Body Lotion

Unlike the first two this isn't ingrown hair treatment. It's a body lotion that, in addition, helps prevent ingrown hairs. Although it isn't that effective as a treatment, it does what it says. Also you don't have to add a new step to your routine, you can apply your body lotion and fight ingrown hair in the same time.