Any fellow Bioderma lovers out there? I guess the answer is yes, because for a quick moment Bioderma was all the rage among beauty addicts, but then other companies decided to join the micellar water game and now it seems every beauty brand makes it. Great news in my opinion, Bioderma was quite expensive, and for those outside of Europe very hard to find (which resulted in beauty lovers from all over the World occupying French pharmacies to get some). If you're not familiar with micellar water, it is a solution which looks and feels like water, but  actually contains micelle that help dissolve makeup and dirt. Nothing beats micellar water at removing makeup, even waterproof mascara ant other makeup that's hard to remove. It leaves your skin clean without being sticky or oily. Bioderma was the first micelle water I've ever used, and I kept repurchasing it. Only thing I don't like about it is the price, like I said it is expensive. A while ago other brands started making micellar water, and I have to say I was quite sceptical to the moment I tried the Garnier one. I didn't even notice any difference between Garier and Bioderma, they both work exactly the same and Garnier is a lot cheaper. If you were planing to try micellar water I highly recommend it, you will never go back.