Last month I haven't really used any new product that much, all of these are my old all time favourites that I used in March.
La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat
I said before how much I love this moisturiser, I ran out of my Murad Oil Control Mattifier one morning so I grabbed the next moisturiser from my ''beauty'' cabinet and it was this one. It's a great moisturizer, little less matifying then my go to moisturiser, but right now I am experimenting with dewy makeup so it's perfect.
La Roche Posay Thermal Water
While I am working on my computer, or just relaxing and reading with no makeup on I like to spray thermal water on my face. This month my face seemed dehydrated so I started hydrating from the inside (by drinking more water) and sprayed more thermal water on my face as well. Avene thermal water is really nice too, if you want to try thermal waters for the firs time I recommend these two.
Revlon Professional Equave Hydro detangling shampoo
The longer my hair is the easier for it to turn into tangly hot mess. Right now it's quite long and I was pretty busy this month and didn't have time to use Tangle Teezer every day so I went back to my old friend- Hydro detangling shampoo. I actually used up a whole bottle. It makes hair soft and shinny and detangles it so it's easy to comb through.
MAC Lipstick in Diva
 Ready for some goth inspired day makeup looks? Diva is lipstick for that. In the beginning of spring I love to wear bold lipsticks with minimalistic eye makeup. Colour of this lipstick is transition between reddish plum and burgundy pink. Just what I needed these days in the lipstick department.
Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish in 160 Raspberry blush
I love Glossfinity nail polishes they have small brush (which means smaller mess when you paint your nails) and last for a long time. This colour is dark purplish pink (gotta love my colour descriptions) so it's ideal for spring.
Oriflame Crystal base&top coat
Whenever I find two in one product that works I stick with it. I'm not sure if this qualifies as two in one, because you do apply it as a base coat first and then after applying nail polish as a top coat. So it's more of applying it twice two in one product? Anyways, it works well, helps my nail polish to dry faster and keeps my nails from being yellow.
Holister California Perfume
This perfume seems to be discontinued, which is a real shame because it's amazing. Scent is incredible, I can't describe it, it just smells really good. It also lasts very long, I spray it in the morning and at the end of a day scent is still strong. I would be sad if they stopped making it for good.