I was sick last week and instead of taking antibiotics I decided to try to get better using natural remedies.  After some research (well, after some googleing) I found out that oregano is one of nature's strongest ''antibiotics''. Wild oregano tea can help you fight cold, sore throat, UTI and even anxiety. Although at the end I had to start taking antibiotics, oregano tea did help me and is incredibly delicious! It tastes like mixture of mint and oregano. I was very happy I discovered this tea (even thought I had to be sick to find out about it). Probably I've heard about it before and was confused about drinking tea made of a spice you usually put on pizza. But, don't be confused, this is, like I mentioned, wild oregano tea, it tastes completely different from oregano. Trust me on this one, I even made tea from your normal oregano just to see the difference. Now I drink wild oregano tea every day, it's my favourite tea at the moment. However, you shouldn't drink more than three cups a day, otherwise it might be bad for your liver. Also, you shouldn't drink it while you are pregnant. 

Here is the recipe:

Pour boiled water over 1 1/2 teaspoon of dried wild oregano tea (or 2 teaspoons of fresh wild oregano) and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how bitter you want your tea to be. Strain the tea into a mug (don't be confused by the photos above, I left the leaves in for picture purpose only). You can add honey if you want.