Alverde is another brand of natural cosmetics I love. I talked about their compact foundation and puder camouflage that I just adore.
 Recently I did a post about Yves Rocher shower creams and while I was writing about them I remembered I never mentioned another shower favourite, Alverde shower gels. 
These gels are not creamy and moisturizing, they are refreshing and leave the skin super clean rather that moisturized. 
Although I love creamy shower products, form time to time it's nice to use shower gel that foams well and leaves the skin squiki clean. 
I like Vanille Mandarine (vanilla and mandarin) and Minze Bergamotte (mint and bergamot orange) scents the best. Both of them smell amazing and are great for morning shower, these scents will for sure wake you up. 
Also, the scent will stay on the skin all day long, obviously not as strong as when you got out of the shower but you can definitely smell it on the skin, which is truly rare with shower gels.