Vanilla and ice cream scent sounds like great  combination and in most cases it is. With I love... body-butter and hand lotion I'm just not sure. A while ago I tried I love... Bubble bath & shower cream and  Exfoliating shower smoothie and I loved the way they smelled so after I used them up I wanted to try other products with same scent.
 I got the body butter and hand lotion because I never tried them before and when I did the scent was not the same as in shower products. 
I don't know why, smell is similar but shower stuff smell so much better! Hand cream smell is close to bubble bath smell but body butter scent is a bit different, a lot weaker and not ice-creamy enough.
 Anyways, all these products are great, I carry hand lotion in my purse, it makes my hands very soft and the skin soaks it up in a second. Body butter is super moisturizing as well. It may seem thick at first, while you are applying it, give it some time and it will make the skin smooth, silky and moisturized. 
I only wish the smell was more like I love... bubble bath because that is the real vanilla & ice cream smell (well, at least how I imagine it) and not its weaker version.