When you have oily skin any product that says ''stay matte'' screams for your attention. These are no different and the first time I saw this line from Rimmel I wanted to try all the products. 
I first bought Stay Matte Foundation, it seemed right to start from foundation (lame pun intended). 
On the packaging it says it controls shine up to 12 hours and that along with ingredients list (that is full of natural ingredients like chamomile and cucumber and paraben, oil, talc and fragrance free) made this one look very promising. It turned out not to be. 
Don't get me wrong, this foundation is not all bad, but for my oily skin it isn't that shine controlling. Couple of hours after I apply it (forget 12 shine free hours mentioned) my face looked like a hot mes. Foundation started to gather in my pores and my forehead was cakey and foundation colour was uneven.
 I tried to use it with different primers or to set it with heavy duty powder, none of that helped. After this disappointment I wasn't to eager to try other Stay Matte products until I heard so many great things about Long lasting setting powder
People with the oiliest skin claimed it kept their face flawless and foundation in place for hours and hours. Naturally, I had to try it (I got the one in 011 Transparent). You guessed, here comes the love part of the post, I fell in love with this powder. 
Although its ingredients are not that natural (it has paraben in it) it became one of my favourite setting powders. I even wear it on its own over my moisturizer. This powder makes my skin flawless the moment I apply it. It looks silky and matte and even my pores are smaller. That flawlessness will last until I take my makeup off. Packaging is not of great quality, so you need to be careful not to drop it. I did drop it once and my powder broke but I was still able to use it even when it was in chunks (which only shows that the powder itself is very good).