Since the first time I saw video for Listen to your heart (link provided) by Roxette I wanted the dress the singer was wearing. Back then I knew nothing about bodycon dresses, but I definitely knew her dress was amazing. So incredibly simple, jet elegant and delicate. 
When I think about it I am not the biggest fan of bodycon dresses (or tight fitting clothes in general) because they tend to look tacky or overexposing. 
Of course, there are exceptions like already mentioned dress from the video. Last year I found this one on Asos (no need to say I was super excited) and I had to order it, it reminded me of ''Roxette'' dress so much. It's called Midi Bodycon Dress With Square Neck. Currently it is out of stock, but Asos has similar dresses all the time. Of all the dresses I own this one is for sure in my top five favourite dresses. 
You can dress it up with heels and wear it for formal occasions or wear it with denim shirt, leather jacket and flat boots for more casual look. Material is 95 % cotton so it feels very nice and 5 % elastane so it stretches just enough. 

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