Most of the time I write about products for skin in the twenties so I thought I should recommend some products for mature skin. And where to go to find those products, that are well tested and loved? My mum's beauty cabinet, of course! She is not really a beauty junkie, but she likes to take care of her skin and loves to find a good foundation to use from time to time. These are the products she's been using lately.

Caudalie Moisturizing cream-mask This is super creamy and moisturizing mask. My mum loves masks that leave the skin hydrated and soft. I also tried it and it works well even for my oily skin, it doesn't leave it felling greasy at all.

Kiko Anti-age peeling: brightening smoothing peeling is not your everyday scrub. While you massage it on the face it turns into hydrating serum, so it exfoliates and nourishes the skin in the same time. Second product from this list I tried and I liked this one as well. I just love the way my skin felt after I used it, super smooth and silky.

Oriflame Pure nature Jasmine extract exfoliating peel-off mask Other thing that my mum likes besides hydrating masks are peel-off masks. This one contains organic jasmine extract and is paraben free. While removing the dead skin cells it also brightens the skin.

MAC Studio sculpt foundation Although she doesn't wear foundation often my mum likes to have one good foundation for special occasions. At the moment she uses this one from MAC.

Clinique Age defense BB cream My sister and I got this BB cream for our mum because she was looking for a BB cream that won't settle in her fine lines. She really likes it, it makes her skin bright and smooth and it doesn't make fine lines more prominent.