My love for L'Oreal Re-nutrition mask is well known and documented on this very blog. But what about its ''twin brother'' Re-nutrition conditioner? 
It was my favourite conditioner in May and that says a lot. Products in this line smell amazing, although mask smell is the strongest, conditioner will leave your hair smelling lovely as well. As for the detangling, this conditioner does a pretty good job detangling my looks. It makes my hair smooth and shiny, not as soft as I would like it to be but still pretty soft. 
I am quite happy with this conditioner, mostly because I use it before I use my mask and together they give me incredible hair. 
Conditioner won't feel heavy on the hair so you can easily follow with any mask you want without making your hair sticky or loaded with products. 
After conditioner/mask combo I can easily style my hair any way I want.
 I think this conditioner is worth trying, like I would like for it to make my hair a bit softer than it does, but I can live without my hair being super soft.