You are getting ready to go to Paris and, naturally, you are planning to do some shopping. Or maybe someone you know is going to France and was kind enough to ask you if they can bring you something back. In both cases you need some recommendations for what to get.
My advice will be to focus on beauty products instead of clothes. Sure, there are couple of cute thrift stores worth visiting but overall Paris has all the clothing stores most European countries have.
On the other hand french skincare is one of the best in the world and definitely worth the splurge. These are the products you should definitely buy every time you visit France. This time I'll do only the list of products and eventually I will write a review for each product.

1) Klorane Dry shampoo with oat milk
Klorane is one of french pharmacie classics and their dry shampoo is amazing! Besides, You'll need a dry shampoo on your vacation anyways and most of the times you'll forget to pack one. It's a win-win buy.

2) Caudalie Beauty elixir
If you never tried Beauty elixir you are missing out a lot. It makes my skin looks and feels incredibly nice.

3) Nuxe Multi-purpose dry oil, face, body and hair
I just adore this oil, it smells incredible and has non-greasy texture. Usually I use it for my hair, after I finish styling it, for added shine. My hair looks lovely and less frizzy and smells amazing when I use it.

4) Embroyolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè
If I had to pick one moisturizer I would use as my night cream for the rest of my life, I would pick this one. It moisturizes my oily skin so well, but it doesn't make me beak out.

5) L'Occitane Dry skin hand cream
One of the nicest hand creams I've ever tried. It makes my hands super soft but not greasy.

6) Rogè Cavaillès Extra mild surgras soap
This is the first time I bought this soap. I went to the drugstore with idea to buy the same soap but with cotton sead. My Clarins cotton seed cleanser was working so well for me so I figured I should get cotton seed face soap. They didn't have that one but lady in the pharmacie explained to me that cotton seed was only the scent and that there's no other difference between cotton seed one and plain one. In my lousy french I asked can I use this one for my face and she said she uses it on her face every day and her skin looked amazing so I knew I had to get it. Now I use it every day and I love it!

Besides these products I got couple of others that are also nice but didn't make it to my ''must haves'' list. First is (Vive La) Rèvolution conditioner from Lush. It's actually their American cream conditioner, but it has a different name in France. I had to get it to see if they are the same and it turns out they are exactly the same. So if you don't have Lush in your country and you love American cream conditioner feel free to get (Vive La) Rèvolution conditioner. I also got Caudalie Anti-wrinkle eye & lip cream and I will write a review about it soon. I also discovered Adopt' perfumes and I got their 30 ml Coconut perfume because I'm obsessed with coconut smell. Now, I'm not that trilled with the way this perfume smells but Adopt' has a lot of other lovely scents that are deffinitely worth testing. My sister got Patchouli Rose and that one smells divine.
I hope this post will help you to make your beauty shopping list for Paris. If you have any other French beauty products you think are worth trying leave them in the comments.