I am not really into trends. For me fashion is about expressing your own style and personality, not about copying something everyone else is wearing. Still, I find fashion trends quite fascinating and from time to time I do incorporate them into my outfits. 
Couple of months ago I spontaneously tried to wear my sandals with socks. Even then I was late to the party with this one. I had nothing against it, although deep in my mind I thought it is plain wrong to wear sandals and socks. Like I said, it happened quite spontaneously, I just bought these white sandals form Zara and I wanted to wear them. However, it was too cold for bare feet so I wore them with thick black tights (I know, I know, tights are not socks, but bare with me) and it worked. 
After this ''experiment'' I considered giving this trend another shot. And it actually works, you can wear your sandals with socks without looking like a tourist. 
There are couple tips for making it look presentable
1) Pick sandals and socks carefully. Not all the sandals go well with socks and vice versa. Simple sandals work the best and so do thick socks in one colour. 
2) Length matters. Above the knee socks can look good with sandals, but it depends on the rest of the outfit. If you decide to wear short socks you also have to make sure they go with the rest of the outfit. 
3) Try it out first to make sure it looks good. 
4) And, of course trust your fashion gut. If it looks terrible to you, don't wear it. Even if it's the last trend in the world, it's not worth it.