Once in a beauty moon it happens you find a perfect product you can't imagine your life without. For me it was Murad's Oil-Control Mattifier SPF15. But what kind of a beauty blog would this be if I didn't try any other moisturizer? Also, I am a pretty curious person so I'm always on a look for new products. 
This one can join the list of my favourite moisturizers for oily skin. 
Packaging is nice, it has a pump so it's pretty easy to use. Moisturizer itself smells really nice, smell is herbaly medical. 
I use it only in the morning, it's easy to apply and skin soaks it up very quickly. It doesn't mattify my skin, but it doesn't make it extremely oily. Although during the day my skin will get a bit shinny, it's nothing I can't handle or blot. 
My skin is well hydrated and it won't get dry while I'm using this moisturizer. The thing I love about it is it never broke me out! I didn't get a single pimple since I started using it. 
Two things I don't like are it has no SPF and I can't apply my makeup that well over it. It doesn't make my skin matte like I'm used to so I don't have a perfect canvas for my makeup but with couple of tricks I can get a pretty even complexion. 
I would definitely buy this moisturizer again, because it hydrates so well and my skin looks very nice while I'm using it.

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