I was recently given an opportunity, among other bloggers to do a very interesting post for Modani furniture. They are known for their amazing modern furniture pieces.
If you are a regular reader you know from time to time I like to write posts that are out of my normal beauty and fashion posts routine.
This one was like that and I liked an assignment a lot. Modani furniture offers a range of modern, contemporary pieces, including both furniture and home accessories. They have six collections: Minimalist, Contemporary, Baroque, Indian, Eclectic and Zen. Every collection offers unique furniture with modern touch. The furniture was a perfect base for building a modern living room, and inspiration for an outfit I showed here.
Main task was to show a connection between personal style and home decor. With furniture from Modani it was easy to do this, because every piece is modern, beautiful and easy to combine, like every good fashion piece usually is.  If you ever tried to decorate a room (or an apartment) you know these two go hand in hand. Even if you didn’t, how many times did you go to your friends place and saw how it is reflecting their style? And I'm not talking only about people who follow trends and their super stylish flats, every person who has its own style will incorporate it in their living space. I love to see how my friends with interesting style decorate their homes. And when I was done with decoration my own apartment I was surprised how much it looked like me.  I didn't realize until I was done decorating that the way I dress infiltrated in the way I choose my furniture.
Also, don't forget about accessorizing.  Couch is to the living room what a good pair of boots is to the outfit.  Pillows complement a couch in the same way nice jewelry complements a whole look. The list goes on. It's more than just trends and fashion, through dressing and decorating you can show your creativity every day. I still remember asking my Mum (who's an artist) if I should go to art college or not. She said it doesn't matter if you are an artist per se or not, if you are creative and artistic enough you will use it in your everyday life. And she was right of course, if you do it with an eye for details and passion you can create a little masterpiece from every room in the house and every outfit.

Like I said, the task was to show your own style through room decor. My style is a mixture of minimalistic and retro. Today a lot of people are accepting only one of these styles but I couldn't possibly opt for just one. I love minimalism but in the same time I can't resist a good retro piece. So, on everyday bases I try to bring them together. That's what I did here as well.
My main inspiration was interior design of a modern 60s house. I love this decade, especially the furniture. For the outfit I didn't want to copy 60s fashion because I wanted to make it look contemporary and wearable. Pictures above are the result. Le Corbusier  vibe of Modani chair was also a great source of inspiration. Add the rest of modern looking pieces and retro pieces that are bringing in the pop of colour and you have my perfect living room.
Outfit was mainly inspired by op art and Mondrian's work so it has something from the 60s, still it's completely contemporary, no retro pieces there. Like the room it's black and white with the pop of colour.
I had so much fun writing this post, hope you enjoy something a bit different than posts I normally  post.

Here are the items I used for the collage:

Modani Savina lounge chair in Black
Modani Boden floor lamp
Modani Neon pillow
Modani Moreti gray checkered outdoor rug
Modani Lapsia vase
Piet Mondrian paintings
Le Corbusier interior
Candle holder by Ewald Beylich, 1930.
Forrest Myers "Park Place" table, 1980.
Zara shoes
Blouse from chicnova.com
Nars lipstick
Eddie Borgo earrings
Roksanda Ilincic skirt
Saint Laurent Lulu bag
Frank Lloyd Wright interior