Holidays are approaching and if you don't have all of the gifts figured out I suggest making your own gifts for friends and family! I know a lot of people dread the thought of making and receiving homemade gifts, but if you find an unique idea, follow the recipe carefully and add a bit of christmassy touch you really can't go wrong with homemade gifts. 
I found the recipe for these amazing bath fizzies on Martha Steward's web site and I gave the recipe a little twist by using my christmassy mold instead of regular ice cubes mold she used. Also, I decorated the jars to look like Christmas gifts. 
These bath frizzies are surprisingly easy to make, and I had a lot of fun while making them! As you'll see in the recipe, you can choose any essential oil you like, I choose lavender because I love the way it smells. 
You can also pick any color you want for your own fizzies, I was thinking pretty much inside the box and opted for the actual colour of lavender.

Here is the recipe:

1/2 cup citric acid
1 cup baking soda
3/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 organic cane sugar (you can use normal instead of organic sugar, it will turn out the same)
about 6 drops of food coloring (I used food color in powder, so I used two small bags)
10 to 15 drops essential oils (I used a bit more than this, it's up to you)
spray bottle
silicone mold
jars to store the fizzies in

Mix all the dry ingredients together and pass it through flour shifter. I like to put the sugar in a blender first to turn it into some kind of powdered sugar. When all the ingredients are mixed fill your spray bottle with water and add food coloring in it. Spray the mixture with water until it's damp. While you are doing it keep mixing to get the water evenly distributed. 
Add essential oil to the mixture and stir it a bit more. 
Now the fun part begins. Pack the mixture into the molds and press it firmly so the ingredients will connect better. I used my christmassy mold and another one because the first one was too small. 
After you fill the molds let the frizzes dry overnight at room temperature. In the morning pop them out and put in the jars you decorated previously. You can write the name of the scent on the jar as well.
I love the way my frizzes turned out, they look and smell great. In the morning my whole living room was smelling like lavender! 
Hope you liked this post, I think it's a nice and thoughtful Christmas gift idea for someone who likes to take baths or for Lush products lover.