New Year's eve is the Halloween of sparkles and glitter. Whatever outfit you wanted to wear during the year, but was to shinny of sparkly, is appropriate for New Year's party. 
I like to find excuses to go overboard with clothes, I can't count how many times I said, oh, well, it's prom, or it's Halloween, or the queen of all occasions, New Year. 
When I come to think of it, you don't even need an excuse to wear whatever you want whenever you want, you just need that little push and an occasion is your push most of the time. Also, I noticed a different phenomenon. Like everyone who thinks too much about their clothes all the time, when it comes to a special occasion I freeze. Should I wear something I normally would and follow my everyday style or should I dress for the part? Most of the time it's the compromise of both. I did two looks here, one is simple I would wear it only on New Year's eve type of look (I'm not the biggest fan of naked stomach outfits) and the other one is elegant and festive. 
Hope these outfits will inspire you to choose your own if you haven't already and I wish you to have the best time at New Year's eve no matter what your plans for the night are!

Outfit No. 1
Leather pants, purse, shoes and bralet I'm wearing under the top are all from Asos
Vintage top my Mum gave me
Casio watch

Outfit No. 2
Dress from Stilmode
Shoes, purse and headpiece from Asos
Casio watch

Nailpolish is Revlon Scented nail enamel in 090.