It's true what they say, there's no better way to freshen up your writing than to upgrade your design first. I know it may sound superficial, but when you are not happy with your blog's design, you just can't create the content you are completely happy about. That's just how it goes.The down side is that now I have a lot of posts piled up and have to keep up with all of them. 😃 Which can be a good thing as well, it's so much fun to have the photos ready and to just write. A while ago I did a H&M Trend post with Ana (you can find it here) and now I'm wearing a piece from H&M Modern Classic line. This is definitely one of my favourite H&M collections (and that explains why I have so many Modern Classic pieces), I love that the items are trendy and chic, but can be still worn after the hype around the trend is over. That's so important to me, I don't need the closet filled with ''what was I thinking'' garments after their time has passed.

Now, if only there was a way to make solid colour garments more interesting. Wait, there is, finding the ones that have an interesting cut. This is the thing you learn with age, not every piece of clothing looks good in every colour. Sure all black looks seemed like a good idea in high school, but it's not about simply pairing the black clothes you have, the cut of the items is what's important. If you have an all black outfit that consists of garments that are impeccable, your look will be perfect. Although I have to tell you Anna Wintour doesn't approve all of black outfits, I feel like it's my moral obligation to warn you. 😂😂
This skirt is a good example. Simply wearing any old navy skirt with a white blouse may be problematic, but look at this one. It has ruffles, it has the bow, the material is thick so it falls well and moves well, a great piece all together. Now imagine the outfit with a plain navy skirt. I told you. You've probably seen this cut around and that's the thing I mentioned about Modern Classic pieces before. Right now this cut is trendy and popular and when that's over I'll still have a great piece of clothing. As close as you can get to a win-win. 

What's mode blouse
H&M skirt
Zara shoes
Mango bag
Ray Ban sunglasses
H&M jacket
Skagen watch 
Ti Sento ring