Life is so much better when you have a best blogger friend (BBF, I just made it up). Someone to call when you think your posts are starting to sound a bit naive, or when you are not sure if your design is outdated. Sure, you can just ask your Mom, but she'll tell you everything you do is perfect, because that's just what Moms do. A true blogger friend is someone who really gets what you do and knows all the good and bad sides of blogging (mostly good sides, don't be concerned). Although I don't believe in friendships where your friends are telling you what to do in all areas of your life all the time (that's just unhealthy and leaves you with a zero chance for personal growth) I do believe in being friends with people who understand you and help you when you need it. Don't be afraid of asking for help, we can all use it from time to time. That's why I'm so happy to have Ana in my life, I know she'll always tell me what she really thinks and jump into the problem solving mode like it's no ones business, and vice versa.

Recently we've both been looking for new ways to express our style, mainly because we both like to work on improving ourselves (that's probably why we understand each other so well) and I feel like we've landed into the phase where we are both trying more casual, sharp looking outfits instead of boho inspired ones I used to wear and romantic looks that were Ana's signature. It's not all up to us, trends are changing as well, sharp work wear dressing is taking over and what kind of bloggers would we be if we didn't follow the fashion Zeitgeist. Even besides trends, I firmly believe that you should base your wardrobe on classic, staple pieces, so you can turn to them when everything else fails and you ''have nothing to wear''. In the past I tried to do it by the book and ''collect'' all of them you supposedly had to have, navy blazer, black leather jacket, a simple coat, white shirt... Then I realized I don't wear most of them because they look too simple and ordinary. The realization led me to a conclusion: you should buy statement pieces, but interesting statement pieces with a twist.

Here I'm wearing a basic white shirt, except it isn't just a basic white shirt. It has a certain flare, you can wear it off the shoulders, or off one shoulder. The sleeves are long a puffy and the overall cut is interesting. Ana is wearing a classic coat that's also all but boring. It's a bit oversized, has an interesting pattern and cut, it's not your plain black coat people usually choose when they learn they need a classic coat. Both of the pieces are from H&M Trend collection and I think that this H&M line has the type of garments I was talking about, quality investment pieces, but with a little twist, so you'll actually want to wear them when you buy them and not just keep them in your closet for the sake of knowing you got your basics garment sorted out. Check out or previous post with pieces from H&M Trend here and here.

P. S. jump ahead to Ana's post to see her take on the outfits, including a candid photo of me telling her all about the new ring I've ordered. :D #priorities

Ana's wearing:

H&M Trend coat
Vintage turtleneck
Yoins pants
Vintage earrings
Vintage sunglasses
Ego boots
Picard bag

I'm wearing

H&M Trend shirt
Levi's jeans
Mona bag
Zara boots
Ray Ban sunglasses
Skagen watch
Ti Sento ring

Photos by Jelena Vukosavljevic

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