You remember the times when the only contouring options for pale people were orange bronzers? I know, we are all glad those times are over. It all started with the now famous NYX Taupe. Although it was technically a blush (doubling as an matte eyeshadow) contouring fanatics on the lighter side of skin colour spectrum soon discovered it was an excellent contouring powder. Let me remind you this was back when creme contouring was not the standard and everyone thought powders were the only option for long lasting contours. I myself tried this blush for contouring and I still have it (I guess for nostalgic reasons), Although it did look a bit patchy sometimes it worked great most of the time, especially if you had a model grade smooth and silky skin (then probably it never ever looked patchy on you).

Fast forward to today when we have about a million cool toned contouring options for all skin types. Some are powders, some are creams and some are even liquids. I personally prefer powders, as I don't really wear liquid foundation any more so I'm almost never doing that ''cream under foundation then blending'' contouring. But I still love it, especially the effect you get, it's amazing. Also, I've been away from contouring game for a while, I only wear a blush and a highlighter on daily basis, so I haven't tried all the newest and coolest stuff. Still, I did try one palette that makes up for all that I've missed. Kat Von D Shade+Light Face Contour Palette. You can get it in the creme version as well. Both are refillable which is great if you only use one shade up and you can just get that one without having to buy the whole palette.

As you can see in the photos it comes with three contouring and three highlighting shades, ranging from light to darker. I only tried the lightest shades, maybe I'll use the medium ones in the summer when I get a little bit of tan. You can always take the shades you are not using and give them to your friends who have different colours of complexion, or if you are a makeup artist it's great to have so many options. Kat Von D has brushes that complement the palettes, I tried the two sided one. Puffy round side is for highlighting and sharp angle side is for contouring. You can get them in ''normal'' one sided versions as well. This is actually a pretty good brush, when you ignore the fact that I'm not the hugest fan of two sided brushes. 

I did quite like this palette/brush contouring duo. Shades are soft and (very) blendable and look natural on. It's so nice to get that soft, light contouring effect you can normally only get with creme products. Actually the makeup I did with these reminded me of those times when I applied cremes under foundation. The finished look is very similar. What I like a lot is that highlighters are not at all shimmery. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a nice shimmery highlighter, but if you want to switch the tings up a bit, or if you want that no makeup makeup look, neutral contouring is the perfect choice.