You know how back in 2010. everybody was wearing these ruffly skirts and then somehow they disappeared? I don't know why, I still love them and I think they look great. The fact that they are not super popular shouldn't really make a difference, you can still wear them if you want. And the question of styling them shouldn't be a problem as well, you just wear them the way we used to do it ''back then'' (it was almost ten years ago after all, I know, I also can't believe it). I'm sure you remember the look we all wore, ruffly skirts with those oversized sweaters and sweatshirts. It's quite the good combination when you think about it, skirts with ruffles tend to get a bit too girly, but when you add an oversized top you get that casual street style vibe that was also popular at the time.

I've had this skirt for years, I actually bought it back in 2010. and I even wore it on the day of my 18th birthday. Every time when I'm cleaning out my closet I think I should get rid of it, but then I put it in my ''I'll maybe wear it again'' pile and the thing is I do actually wear the items from that pile again, so it's all well. And there's also the whole story on me wearing it on my birthday (I'm not usually sentimental when it comes to clothes, but sometimes I am) and I got it at H&M in Paris because back then we didn't have H&M where I grow up. I know it sounds silly, now when you can get their stuff everywhere and when fast fashion is taking over, but at the time you cherished your H&M items like they were expensive designer ones. 😂 Good thing about keeping stuff is that you'll eventually get to wear them again, because trends always come back. Not the case with this one right now, though, but it will be back, trust me.

Topshop sweater
H&M skirt
Mango boots
Michael Kors bag
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Vintage earrings
Smaller earrings are from Asos
Skagen watch
Vintage and Ti Sento rings