If you spend a lot of time pinning on Pinterest, you'll know one of the most popular items is a classic retro inspired white shirt. It's slowly taking over Instagram as well, and I love it. Although I do have a modern version of it (it will be in future posts) the one I've been loving and wearing for years is this shirt that was once my Mom's, but she gave it to me when she saw how much I like it. I can't really date it to the year, but based on the cut I'll say it's from the mid 80s. I think my Mom changed the buttons as well, adding these golden square buttons (that's her thing, I swear she changes buttons on everything 😅).

Continuing with the theme, skirts is also from my Mom's closet and she gave it to me two years ago, it's actually a part of an amazing vintage co-ord I already featured here on the blog. I always say that the thing I like the most with vintage items is how good the materials still are. The shirt is made out of beautiful cotton and the skirt from silk, when you buy vintage inspired items these days you'll rarely find them in nice materials. To balance out the retro vibes in this look, all the rest are contemporary pieces, except from the sneakers, the model is from the 80s but they are new, I love that they are still doing this model, it's among my favourite types of sneakers.

Vintage skirt
Vintage shirt
Reebok sneakers
H&M jacket
Alexander Wang bag
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Asos earrings
Skagen watch
Vintage and Ti Sento rings