Buying beauty products while traveling is only the best part of it all. 😂 Just kidding, but it's fun to try some brands and products you can't usually find. As it is season of summer holidays after all this post is going to be about Greek beauty brands, still wherever you travel you can find some gems among the ''native'' brands and products. I feel like French and Italian brands do sell their stuff all over the world, especially nowadays so you'll know most of them when you travel there. Not the reason not to stock up on Nuxe and Bioderma, though. 😆  Greek market is a bit different, with couple of the companies focusing on products made with mostly natural ingredients and they are not that available world wide so it makes shopping for them kind of special. 

Korres and Apivita are my favourites among them. I wrote about Korres couple of times before, here's one of those posts, and currently I'm loving their fragrances the most. I did use their skincare in the past and loved it, but right now I'm not using any of those products. The thing about Korres fragrances is that they last super long, even the Eau de Cologne, somehow those as well are long lasting. The two I like the most are still Pure Cotton and Apple Blossom and I added a Eau de Toilette to the collection. The one I have is Belflower/Tangerine/Pink Peper. It smells like Burberry The Beat, with a slight touch of vanilla underneath (the vanilla bit is very subtle). And I just got this White Blossom shower gel from my best friend who came back from Greece (literally just got it, she gave it to me today), can't wait to try it, it smells so nice.

Next we have Apivita. The history of the brand is similar to Korres, both companies were founded by pharmacist and focus on natural ingredients. You can read more about Apivita's history on their website, it's quite interesting. One of their first products was a black soap with propolis and thyme (bee products are one of their main ingredients from the beginning) and while I didn't know this I still opted to try some soaps from them first. I can honestly say these are some of the best soaps I've ever tried and I did try my fair share of soaps during the years. Chamomile and Jasmin are the scents I like the most, maybe I prefer Chamomile just a bit.  

They have face masks in these small packaging that are perfect for traveling and I tried Deep Cleansing and Radiance masks, first one is with green clay and second one with orange (the girl who worked at the drugstore actually recommended the second one and said it's her favourite). Both of these were excellent, although if I have to pick one it would be clay, I do have oily skin after all and can't live without clay masks. You can find both of these brands at pharmacies, which is the best part because everywhere you'll go they have to have a pharmacy. 😂 Bigger cities have more options to choose from, of course, but Korres usually has a great selection, even at the islands.