Loving so many products lately, most of them are skincare, some are hair products and honestly almost no makeup because I'm not using much of it right now. Lately I've been posting about some of them on Instagram and if you follow me there you've seen a lot of products by Vichy, so I decided to put all of them in one post. As you can see from these photos Minéral 89 is my most used product, I almost used this bottle up completely. It's a great skin booster, I like to say it's my favourite skin serum, although it's not  really a serum. You can read more about it in my Minéral 89 post. Second on the list is Aqualia Thermal Gel creme. I love Aqualia thermal line from Vichy, their serum is one of the first ones I ever used. It's the perfect night time moisturizer for me, formulated in gel consistency (like the name says) so it's not too rich for oily skin.

The newest addition on this list is the Slow Age Daily corrective care. At first I thought it would be too much for my oily skin, but it turns out my skin loved it. SPF 25 in this product makes it the perfect shield against harmful sun rays, it smells divine and leaves my skin looking healthy, glowy and refreshed. If you are like me and love your face super matte I would suggest not using it in the hottest of the days, but otherwise you should be fine. Last one here is a hair product, a part of Vichy Dercos Densi Solutions line. You can read more about the line itself here, and the product I like the most on its own is the Restoring and thickening balm. I apply it to the roots of my hair (as you are supposed to) and then use any type of a hair mask on the rest of my hair. It gives the hair a lot of volume and makes it less frizzy and super sleek.