If there was ever a time to cut your hair short, it's right now. 😍 Different beautiful short hairstyles are all over the place so it's easy to choose which one to get.  Not only are shorter hairstyles super popular, but it's also nice to make a change from time to time and try something new when it comes to hair. Couple of months ago I cut my hair from very long to shorter (my sister said it was still long though 😂) and here are some tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

1. Choose the hairstyle carefully

I cut my hair from long to short once before and wasn't at all happy with the hairstyle so I didn't like my hair for a while. It ended up in me waiting for the hair to grow and not enjoying the hairstyle at all. It even made me not want to cut my hair short in years to come. The problem was that I initially wasn't 100% sure about the hairstyle I wanted and I made a decision kind of out of the blue. What I'm trying to say is to do your research well and always think about wearing and styling the hair later on, not just the way it will look right after you cut it.

2. Continue with the same haircare routine

The mistake I made this time is to get quite relaxed about my haircare products and ignore most of them. My hair ended up getting a bit dry, it was used to all of those products after all. The quality of your hair is always the same, no matter which style you get, so make sure to keep it happy and healthy. Continue using the same haircare regiment, or even better, add some new products. Just make sure your hair is well taken care of.

3, You gonna be needing way less product (amount wise)

Continuing from the previous point, although you'll be using the same products, you'll need less of them so it's a great time to get a lot of samples and try new stuff. Smaller size products will last you for ages compared to the old hair length. This is also great when it comes to traveling, the first time I traveled with my ''new hair'' I ended up bringing a huge hair mask and I barely made a dent in it. At times it might feel you are using too little, but you'll get used to it.

4. Enjoy the hair

Even if you are not happy with your new hairstyle (this time I was, but I wasn't with my last short hair) try to make the best of it. Most likely you won't have the same hairstyle soon or even ever again so enjoy this time when you have it. It's so easy to get caught up in the thinking about how stuck you are with the short hair, in reality hair grows and you can grow it longer if you really don't like it.