Isn't it funny how fashion trends always reappear and it almost catches us by surprise, one minute we are looking at some cuts like they are retro and a part of previous decades and the next we are wearing them again? Like, is there ever going to be anything new in fashion, or are we just going to continue to revive the fashion from the past? 😂 I guess there will be some new stuff emerging in the future, but now we are in the era of huge revival. Nothing bad there, next to everything Audrey Hepburn ever wore, retro inspired cuts are my biggest inspiration. And now we can wear them for real, not ironically or close to looking costumey. I'm telling you, great times to be alive! 

I have many vintage or retro inspired dresses, well I probably have too many dresses in general, still I only have a couple of nice wool dresses. As you probably know, they are perfect for winter and this winter to spring transition period. I found this one while back and I loved the cut. Although I'm trying to cut back on black dresses, somehow it made sense to get it in black. It looked the best out of all the colours. Can one even have too many black clothes? I mean look at Audrey, almost all of her prettiest outfits were in black. What is great about this dress is that it doesn't have one of those retro cuts that scream the certain decade, like shoulder pads do for the 80s, or A line dresses for 60s. It falls in that lovely category of retro clothes with simple cuts that at the end turn out to be timeless. So when all the trends and similar shenanigans pass, you can still wear them and enjoy them equally, which is a huge plus.

Femme luxe dress
New Look shoes
Mona bag
Asos belt
Ray Ban sunglasses
Zaful earrings
Zara jacket