As far as I recall, there are two types of spring weather. First is when we go straight into super warm spring and this other kind when we go through a period of rain before it gets warmer. We just need to survive these couple of last cold days and it will be real spring. 😍 Not only is spring my favourite season, it's also season for the best outfits, at least weather wise. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes during the winter I think about all the things I will wear when it gets warmer. Also, I thought I love the first type of spring weather I mentioned more, but now I'm not so sure, this other one with rain has its good sides, like trench coat outfits. Last year April was pretty much warm and I remember I wore some quite summery outfits even in March. This year we'll have to be a bit more patient, but warmer days are coming soon, I promise. 😂 For the longest time I used to think kimonos are the prettiest thing you can wear in the spring. I wore them even when it was too hot for that (aka in the first type of summer weather) and I didn't even care. Some of them weren't in fact real kimonos, which is the case with the one I'm wearing here as well.

Real, vintage, kimonos, as we all know originate from Japan and you can find some amazing examples online, one store I can highly recommend to you guys is where I got two of my vintage kimonos. Both of them are not exactly kimonos, they are haoris, or haori jackets. Normally they are worn over kimonos so they are shorter and easier to wear. For a real kimono you need to know how to tie an obi, a belt that goes around it, and even when you don't want to wear it tied, it will usually be too long just to throw it over jeans and other outfits. Haori is also a beautiful piece of Japanese tradition, craftsmanship and art, they are hand made and each one is unique. Here I'm also wearing a vintage kimono, well we would call this type of jacket a kimono, although they are just a simplified version of the cut. Since it came into fashion, this type of jacket never left. Mine was once my Mom's and it's actually a part of this set with a cami and a skirt. I posted outfits with all of them on the blog before, maybe I'll do one post where I wear them all together. Similar pieces are great for the transition weather, I always say that the one good thing about unsteady weather is layering opportunities.

Vintage kimono
Vintage jeans
H&M cami
Mona bag
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Ti Sento bracelet