Back when I got this jacket it was a part of a suit and I thought I will never wear it on its own. It just didn't seem like you can wear it in any weather, especially when it's too cold. Turns out you can and I've been wearing it quite a bit lately, mostly with jeans and flats. Maybe this here is not the best example of an outfit with this jacket, but it was before I realized how to style it perfectly. All I learned is that the best time for a wool jacket is from winter to spring, when it is still not too hot. This autumn we will see if it works for that summer to autumn transition as well.

Talking about the dress, it's one of those structured wool dresses, not the other kind that has a simpler, falter cut. I thought it would look nice with over the knee boots, which happens when you have this length of a skirt or a dress. I love the look of over the knee boots, I used to think they don't look good with jeans though, but now I think you can make that work as well, with careful styling.

Femmeluxe dress
Erdem fro H&M jacket
Zara boots
Mona bag
Asos beret
Asos sunglasses
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Ti Sento bracelet