By now I probably published quite a few all beige outfits on the blog, that's just because I love wearing them. Even when you are at home you can pull them off, just don't eat in front of the TV and wear an apron when you are making food. 😂 There really are many ways to make them more interesting, they don't have to be this same old thing you wear over and over. Right now I find them more interesting than even black outfits.

1. Add texture

I mention this a lot, because, well, it's true. When you match clothes that's made of plain fabrics it look completely different than the ones made with a bit of texture and print. Here the example is my knitted sweater. It adds a nice touch of texture, but is still pretty simple like the rest of the outfit.

2. Try interesting cuts

Other thing that you can do is wear cuts that are not as simple. Straight leg pants will look completely different compared to wide legs or some other kind of culottes. Same goes for blouses, interesting cuts make outfits nicer.

3. Don't stick to one shade of beige

One thing you can do with beige outfits, but can't with all black ones is wearing different shades of beige. This is maybe my favorite thing about them, I very rarely wear tops and bottoms in the same shade of beige.

4. Add jewelry

You know my advice for every doubt is to add more jewelry. Same applies here. Jewelry and accessories can transform pretty much any outfit.