Are you wearing lipstick right now? I know most of us aren't because of face masks, but when you are at home or when you get back home you can. For me it's kind of weird to not wear lipstick since I'm so used to applying it when I'm doing my makeup. What I'm doing these days, if I'm going somewhere during the day, is that I'll finish my makeup, apply lip balm and when I get back home I do my lipstick. I know this sounds weird, but I just love wearing lipstick. Of course, I don't do it everyday. We all know that makeup is always more than just makeup, for me it's more about that comforting feeling of doing something I'm so used to doing. Did you know that in the past during the times of crisis, sales of smaller items like lipsticks increased, since they were cheaper to buy and women wanted to save their money, but still get something that will cheer them up. 

Here are some of my lipstick favourites lately, many of them are old favourites actually, except one. That one is MAC Mehr lipstick. I mentioned it on the blog before, so I guess it's not that new, I've had it for couple of months. Mehr is one of MAC's most coveted shades, it looks so god and natural on! Next is a deep red, since it's a shade we all love to wear during the whole year, not just during spring. I've had many red lipsticks I've loved in the past, but lately the only red I wear is this one, Catrice Ultimate colour lipstick in 310 (Red my lips). Another MAC faourite is a shade that was all the rage couple of years ago, deep plumish red. It's their Diva lipstick and is super dark in the bullet, but looks lighter when you apply it. Other old MAC favourite here is Captive, maybe a shade from MAC I loved the most until I discovered Mehr. And the last lipstick here is something I used to wear all the time during the spring of 2016. I was literally obsessed with this lipstick, I wore it almost everyday. It's Rimmel The only one (it was for sure only lipstick for me back then 😂) lipstick in 120 (You are mine). This is such a pretty pinkish shade, I'm warming up to similar shades yet again.