When it comes to clothes I don't collect many things, especially lately since I started going through my closet and keeping only the items I truly love. I do keep a small collection of beautiful vintage pieces I gathered over the years, I started searching for them about eight years ago. Some of them are my moms as well, she occasionally finds clothes that she doesn't wear that's so pretty and still wearable, like a beautiful 80s jacket she gave me couple of weeks ago. Around the same time I started learning more about vintage clothes I feel in love with vintage kimonos. Besides bags and vintage hair combs that's the only thing I looked at as a collectible rather than something I would wear. My opinion about the other two also changed a bit, I only kept two beautiful hair combs and I wear all of my vintage bags, none of them gather dust or just lay around. 

Pieces we call kimonos today (like the one I'm wearing here) are not really kimonos, they are closer robes resembling them more fitted to everyday wear and styling. I like these versions as well, but I do have two genuine Japanese kimonos and there's really nothing like them. I talk about this all the time, the first time I got a real Japanese kimono (haori to be more precise), my mom and I spent the rest of that day admiring how well it was made, not a single stitch was visible. Kimonos are true pieces of art, you can't find the two that are the same.  

Styling kimonos is both easy and hard, since they do look good with almost anything, still not everything brings out the best in them. Some people claim you can only wear traditional kimonos in traditional assembles and I respect that, but I also think there's nothing wrong with styling them a bit differently. To be honest though, for everyday outfits I pick kimonos like the one I'm wearing here the most. This one is from Zara and I think it's quite cute and wearable. 

My favorite outfit with kimonos is something I wore ages ago when I first discovered them (and when they first became a trend) and it's all black, preferably black skinny jeans and a cami, with a kimono on top. This combination makes the kimono pop, especially the ones with more vivid colors and patterns. 
Second one is the one here, with a pair of jeans and a neutral blouse, although keep in mind that jeans don't always bring the best in kimonos. 
Third option is with a pair of high waisted shorts and a cami. And my last suggestion is paring an elegant dress with a pretty kimono on top, something I wear the least so this will also be an inspiration for me to style them like that more often.

Zara kimono
H&M jeans
Vintage blouse
Earrings are from Etsy
Ti Sento bracelet