Not the best thing to have winter weather in April, but it gives you a chance to wear some of those outfits we won't be wearing again until October. Since spring is my favorite season I really look forward to genuine spring outfits and all those lovely vintage inspired clothing you can't usually wear under heavy coats. I'm not so sure wether I did some outfit posts with these pants before, they are my favourite corduroy pants and I think my only pair of this kind. Corduroy is mainly a winter fabric so I wouldn't wear these without sweaters or at least turtleneck.

What really fascinates me about these pants is how high waisted they are. I love high waisted pants, but these are super high waisted, which gives quite a nice silhouette  I must admit. These are truly great times to be alive since 90s pants came back in full swing, maybe you even noticed how some started canceling skinny jeans (it turns out they weren't actually canceled in real life, it was more about an article saying that they were). Anyways, these are in fact a pair of vintage 90s pants I got almost two years ago and they survived two winters successfully.

Vintage 90s pants
Zara coat
Asos boots
Glamorous earrings
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Gianni Chiarini bag
New Look turtleneck