Well last minute for you guys, I came up with it a week before yesterday. I used to do these series with Halloween makeup and costume inspirations, but I stopped doing that for some reason. If you want to do this costume, it's super easy to make and it was so nice not to wear heels as a part of my costume. For this Halloween party I went as Matcha Latte. Green dress was representing matcha and I took this plastic coffee cup and made a latte sign for it. I guess if you have to explain a costume it means it wasn't as successful. 😂 Although there are people who think those cryptic costumes are the best.  I got this shiny dress from a random Instagram page and it was soo comfortable and great to dance in. The boots are something I already had in my closet and I was deciding between them and silver heels and I'm glad I choose the boots.

As far as the makeup goes I did a kind of a crossover between 2010's and today's makeup. I did a heavy slightly unblended bronzer on purpose, together with a heavy highlighter, just as we used to do back in 2016. 😀 Of course, I had to do green eyeshadow and I also added fake eyelashes and couple of these green circle stickers. I made a heart on my arm with those same stickers, which took too long and didn't turn out as great, but at least I watched an episode of Gilmore girls while I was gluing them on my arm. For the face stickers I used eyelash glue and for those on my arm I used actual glue (which is probably not the smartest idea, but my skin was fine after I took them off). None of my stickers fell off which I consider to be a success. Besides that I used loose pigment highlighter on my neck and chest. When your costume is something that's completely imaginary, you can pretty much do whatever you want, for example add braids and all sorts of jewelry like I did. Below you can see my friend Ana who went as Carrie which is also a great costume.