Although slip dresses look great, sometimes they can be to tight so they'll keep moving up while you walk or make it much harder to even walk in them. It doesn't happen with every slip dress though, but I find that most of them do this. Also, they sometimes look to elegant to be worn during the day or are made out of synthetic materials so you don't want to wear them all day long. The solution I found is these dresses that do have a cut that looks similar to slip dresses, but they get wider in the bottom part creating this more casual (and comfortable) silhouette. The actually cut in these comes from tennis dresses while the top part and straps come from a slip dress style. This one reminds me of similar 90s dresses we used to wear as kids. And it's made out of cotton so you can wear it all day long and it will still stay comfortable. 

H&M dress

Accessorize bag

Ray-Ban sunglasses