Maybe you've seen that cameras we used back in the day when phone cameras were taking photos of the lowest quality (still cute and great for making memories) are popular jet again. Since they do take photos with a different vibe than our phone cameras nowadays and they do have a slight nostalgic touch, but are lighter and easier to carry around than DSLR cameras it's no wonder people love to use them. Even those that were kids when we first had them. I remember the struggle of having to transfer all of your photos on your computer with a cord, which is exactly what I did with these photos since there was no other way to get them on my laptop. 
Even though I saved some of my cameras from that time none of them seemed to be working, some did but I didn't have batteries, SD cards or cords for them (I know, that's all you need in order for them to work) so I thrifted this one for 6 pounds. I had a cord from an old camera that worked for this one and I still had to get an SD card and batteries but for this model it wasn't so hard to find them. This particular camera caught my eye since I've seen photos online taken with it, it's Olympus X-775 and all the photos in this post were taken with it (except of course the photo with camera itself in it). So this is your sign to thrift a 2000s digital camera you'll love the photos and relive the struggle of taking photos that we went through every time we used them.