Somehow I never completely got used to Dolce&Gabbana having their make up line. I guess that was just force of habit, for me it was normal to see YSL, Dior, Chanel all stacked up in their counters at Sephora, but when Dolce&Gabbana make up line first came out it was hard to get used to it. Don't get me wrong, they are one of my favourite brands, I like how their whole collection (and advertisements that follow it) have unique vibe and story. Especially the last couple years, all their clothes and editorials look like they came out of Giuseppe Tornatore's movies, and his vision of Sicily is so picturesque and magical. Fast forward to two months ago when I bought The Sicilian lace bronzer. I'm not really contouring addict but I like to contour from time to time and to give some bronzynes to my face. First thing I like about this bronzer is the packaging, it's so sturdy and elegant. It comes with velvet pouch and small brush and you can actually use the brush to apply the product (although I prefer applying it with my Sigma F40 or Sephora contour blush-bronzer brush No. 43). The bronzer is covered with lace pattern shimmer (I use it as a highlighter). Bronzer itself is really nice, colour is neither too dark or too light (or too orangy). It has small shimmer particles in it, but they aren't too chunky and will give your face a nice glow. Texture of the product is soft and powdery. You can use it for everyday wear, it does stay on your face for almost a whole day and the shade can transfer well from day to night. If you are very pale I would recommend applying this with a light hand, for all other skin colours it's up to you to add more bronzer if you want, for that perfect ''kissed by Sicilian Sun" look.