You know that great scent you find in body lotion, lip balm, shower gel etc. and then when you get addicted to it you go to buy more and it turns out that it was an limited edition product or they have stopped making it?
With this one I knew it was limited edition, It was part of Sephora's Oh my cherie Christmas collection, two years ago. I actually bought the whole set for my friend as a birthday gift and a while later I got myself the body lotion because I really liked the smell. Sure, when I got addicted to the scent I went out to buy more and they were sold out everywhere. Now it occasionally appears on Ebay, but somehow I always find it when the auction is already over. I only hope Sephora will make a body lotion with the same smell again (I was told that some of their body lotions smell the same as Sweet cake, but after a lot of testing that proved to be wrong). Until then I will keep on smelling the last bits of Sweet cake lotion that I already have, and use it for special occasions. I know I should use it up before it goes bad but I don't have the hart to say goodbye to it just yet. What are endangered scents that you like and have hard time saying goodbye to? Share your thoughts in the comments section.