I was recently in Budapest and just before my trip I read an article written by Edina Ronay in December Vogue. She was born in Hungary but moved to UK as a child. Today she is a fashion designer, and judging by her article, very smart and captivating lady. I heard about her before but I got really intrigued when I read the article. Her family had to move because of Communist regime and I can understand that fully since I grow up in a country that was once ruled by Communists (although it was called Socialism back then). Of course, that was before I was born but all the countries that were once under the Communist regime went through same changes, but I wont go into the Politics, that's the one thing that makes me mad and disappointed in the same time. The point is that I can somehow understand the whole story behind Hungary's recent history and therefore it was so much more interesting to visit Budapest. Today, city looks amazing, modern and sophisticated, but they still have their old spirit going on (the spirit way before Communism, back when they were part of great Habsburg Monarchy). Sure, you can still feel some remains of Socialism (same is with other European cities, like Prague) but in my opinion those only add to the city's charm. Anyways, to go back to the beginning of my story, like I said I knew about Edina's work before I read the article in Vogue, but after I did it made a strong impression on me, so strong that when I visited Budapest I could really feel where her inspiration came from. And I don't only mean read boots and vivid colours that are obviously part of Hungarian folklore, things so much more subtle inspire her and everything she does is a reminder of her roots. For me that is really interesting, I love designers that stays unique and true to themselves no matter were they live. She's been living in the UK almost all her life but her work is saying that she stayed a true Hungarian at heart.