Alpha H Liquid Gold is, lets say, skin treatment with glycolic acid (it says with glycolic acid on the packaging so I decided that will be the first thing to mention). If you never heard about it you may be a bit confused, as was I when I first read about Liquid Gold. Where did it came from, how haven't I heard about it before, and the most important what exactly is this treatment were all the questions that crossed my mind. Also, I wasn't sure how will it fit in my skincare routine. To be honest, I wasn't even sure what it does for the skin. In the reviews I read people said that it clears out pimples and breakouts, fights wrinkles and (this is when I was bought) makes your pores smaller. As always I knew that I need to try it for myself and I was ready for some experimenting and leaving my skincare comfort zone.That was two years ago and since I first bought it I kept repurchasing it. After this long intro I should probably go itno the product review. Like I said it's a glycolic acid treatment, which is one of alpha hydroxy acids (other being lactic, citric, malic and tartaric). It's main purpose in skincare is to exfoliate, therefore helping new skin cells to emerge. That also means it prevents pimples, brake outs and blackheads because dead skin cells can't clog your pores. You should apply Liquid gold every other night before you go to bed. You don't follow with moisturizer (I mean you could but it works so much better if you don't). For me it's a bit too much to apply it every other night so I use it twice a week, usually on Wednesday and Sunday. You are probably concerned that it will dry out your skin without a moisturizer, but it won't and that is what surprised me the most. The morning after be sure to use SPF because your skin can be sensitive from all the exfoliating that went on that night. All in all Liquid gold transformed my skin. It does prevent pimples and if you have some already it will help fight them. It makes you're wrinkles less noticeable, and makes pores smaller (it doesn't magically erase them but they are smaller). And last, if you want to use it for a long time make breaks (for example don't use it for a month and then keep using it as before). I recommend this because people who been using it for a long time started reporting that it doesn't work on their skin anymore. If you make breaks I think it will be fine.