Would it be such a cliche if I say I can't believe how fast January went by? Well favourites videos are  already cliches so I guess I am on that territory. Cliche or not I feel the need to share my favourite beauty (and a bit of makeup) products with you and also to have these types of posts to remember which products I used (somehow when I started this blog and began to think about products that I love and would like to write about I realised I can't remember all products that I used throughout the years). Long intro aside here are my favourites for the last month (in no particular order):

Balea Cocos und Sheanuss (or Coconut and Shea nuts if you sprichst keine Deutsch) body lotion

In my book smell of coconut is a summer smell but mixed with any kind of nuts it gives a winter smell (I know this sounds a bit nuts). I am a huge fan of Balea but have discovered this body lotion just recently and I can't stop using it. It makes my skin so soft and smells great. The smell isn't overpowering so you can spray you perfume without it interfering with the smell of your body lotion.

Alfaparf Milano Semi di lino Diamante Illuminating conditioner

Possibly my third favourite conditioner in the world (after Lush American cream and Toni and Guy Shine enhance conditioner). Makes my hair looks shiny and healthy and detangles it really well.

Oriflame-Tender care Protecting balm (Coconut)

You may already read about these in my Snowy weather treats post, I still love it and use it every day.

Alpha H Liquid gold

I stoped using Liquid gold that often in last couple months of 2013.There's no special reason why, I was just, hm, lazy. Anyways I went back to using it twice a week (you can use it every other day, but twice a week works for me) in January and although it's a life time favourite i decided to put it in this post. If you are not familiar with Liquid gold it's a glycolic acid treatment which reduces wrinkles, breakouts, dark spots and brightens and firms your skin. It does its job amazingly and my skin looks so much better when I use it.

Alpha H Triple action cleanser

You can read more about Triple action cleanser in this post Beauty-essentials-cleansers. I've been using it as a part of my day and night face cleansing routine for the past month.

Essie nail polish in Smoking hot

Although I usually go for black of burgundish colours of nail polish in the winter, I wore this nail colour the most in January.

MAC lipstick in Captive (satin)                                                                                                                
I know I said in my ''Red lipsticks for daytime'' post that I am in the red lipstick mood, still true, but I also wore this colour a lot. It's a beautiful plum (with a hint of red). What makes Captive stand out, I think, is the fact that it has cold undertone and colour that goes well with both natural and colorful makeup.

NYX Soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo

Just the name of this shade is a reason enough for me to love it. I have such wonderful memories from Monte Carlo (the most stylish guy I've ever seen to this day asked me to be his lucky charm in casino, but I wasn't eighteen back then). Not that I approve gambling. Road down the memory lane aside, this lipstick (lip cream?) was my second favorite this month after the MAC one. The colour is intensive red, but you can apply it lightly and it will look very natural almost like your lip colour. It has a texture of a lip gloss with pigmentation of a lipstick. When it dries on your lips it looks matte and stays on very long.

Oriflame Velvet blaze cream eye shadow in Sand shimmer

I've been wearing this eye shadow a lot because it's so effortless. You just put it on your lids dab it with a finger and you have nice brownish-shimmery eye look.

Benefit Hello flawless compact

One of my favourite compact foundations, looks great on skin and creates a flawless finish (as the name says).