I don't mind wind in moderation and Wuthering heights is even one of my favourite books (and songs). But strong wind really gets on my nerves, especially if it blows my hat off and then I have to chase it down the street while people look at me with ''you fool, why did you wear a hat when the wind is so strong?'' stare. My solution for those windy days is to glam up as much as possible. It will make you feel so much better and when your hair becomes all messed up at least you will have that fantastic makeup on.
I don't wear primer on my face every day but I recommend it for windy weather, so your makeup wouldn't be blown away. Bare minerals Prime time is a good solution, it will make your skin look healthy and radiant. I don't follow with heavy foundation, I don't know why I just like it that way. They say you should avoid powder and compact foundations when it's windy and go for a liquid one. I don't wear foundation on windy days, just a bit of powder to set my concealer. I do apply a lot of concealer and YSL Touche eclat to brighten my under eye area. Then I set it with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural using Sigma F30 brush. This will give you very natural and even looking complexion. For the blush use colour as intensive as you want just apply it with light hand. MAC blush in Desert rose is good option. I love to use MAC cream colour bases as highlighters, this one is in Pearl but any highlighter will work. As for the eyes you can play a little with ''wind friendly'' colours like purple, dark green or gray. All these colours are in MAC Evil eye pallet (the pallet was limited edition, but you can find similar colours in lot of pallets). I go for natural brows when wearing stronger eye makeup, I just fill them in with shadow from my Brow zings brow kit. Don't overdo the eyeliner because your eyes may tear up from the find so you could end up with panda eyes. Just smudge a bit of long wear eyeliner (like Urban decay 24/7) down the lash line and apply light coat of mascara (I've been loving this one from Kiko makeup Milano, it's their Luxurious Lashes Maxi Brush Mascara).
 And be careful with your hats and scarves if you want to see them again.