If you are looking for the perfect lipstick for ''the transition'' between matte trend winter lipsticks to shinny spring lipsticks (that are supposed to be the trend for this spring, apparently the shinier the better) I got you covered. Kiko Make up Milano Smart Lipstick is the perfect solution. I've been wearing it on and off for the past two weeks and what makes this lipstick so perfect is it's texture. It's so silky and smooth and it won't dry your lips out. It's also very pigmented so the colour looks really nice and because it's hydrating your lips will look healthy and shiny, and like I said shinny is this spring's trend. The shade that I've been wearing is 905 Red Coral and I like this shade a lot, it isn't too coral but it also isn't red, but something in between with a hint of flesh colour. If you apply it lightly it can look very natural.