I couldn't wait to try this mascara out because I am a huge L'oreal mascaras fan. I've been using them for ages and they are my favourite in the world of mascaras. The main reason why I love them so much is their formulation. Although I love Maybelline mascaras and how they make my lashes look, somehow they end up drying on my lashes and by the middle of the day dry chunks of mascara start to fall on my cheeks. That never happened to me with L'oreal mascaras (nor with the Max Factor ones) and they never get clumpy on my lashes. I also love Kiko Make up Milano mascaras, they have great formula as well. Now when we have my favourite brands for mascaras covered let's get into the review.
Brush: I wasn't sure what to expect from the brush because it isn't the standard L'oreal's sturdy silicone brush, it's actually good old fashioned wire wrapped around bristles type of brush. Wand is also bendable which I don't get, like I said I like my mascara wands sturdy. On the plus side the brush is triangular shaped so you are able to get those shorter lashes in the inner corners of your eyes. All in all it is a decent brush and you can apply mascara nicely with it.
Formula: It comes in three colours: black, turquoise and violet. As much as sixth grade me would love the turquoise an violet shades (and they go with the whole Manga theme) I got the black one. It's the standard L'oreal formula, but I think it is a little more intensive than their regular black (even more that their extra black mascaras). Also it takes two layers for me to get the wanted look. It lasts all day and won't dry out on your lashes and it will make your lashes look exactly like model's lashes on L'oreal website. I can't help but notice that it does get a bit clumpy on my lashes, maybe that's because I am not that big of mascara person, I like a nice coat of mascara but nothing overwhelming and this mascara is actually designed to give you that over the top Manga lashes. Honestly I probably won't buy this mascara again, I don't regret buying it and I will for sure use it up but I am more L'oreal Volume Million lashes type of gal.