I have to say that when it comes to OPI shades I kinda have my safe zone, that includes shades that are combination of plum and black, shades that are completely black with some other undertone and, the complete opposite, nude shades. I recently made this discovery while going through my nail polishes. I don't know what is it with me and my OPIs and why I never bought any OPI nail polish outside my comfort zone, accept this one. And, weirdly enough, it turns out that this was the shade I wore the most. I used to be a girl who experiments with all the crazy nail polishes, than I had my french tips phase (I did my own french manicure every week and actually got pretty got at it) and I could never forget my extremely long natural nails. If I had let them grow any longer I would probably end up like one of those people whose nails are growing in shape of a roller coaster. Actually I would let them grow but my sister purposely broke my nail during (incredibly intense) game of  Risk so I wouldn't look like a circus freak. I have to mention that I was 15 back then and having the weird nails was all the rage (or at least I thought it was). After that I again did all sort of nail colours and french tips again but lately I'm drown to neutral and black shades. I think that's why I like this shade so much. It is neutral but not in a boring way, the colour is closer to red than to plain neutral beige nails. Still it remains a mystery why I did keep buying other brands of nail polish in every colour but I didn't do that with OPIs, with them I am still in my safe zone. Such a mystery that it could actually be in an episode of Twilight zone (pun intended). Way to finish a text with a lame pun.
What are your most worn nail polishes? Leave the answer in the comments.
P.S. Rings are from ASOS.