Although winter is not coming, in fact it looks more like it's leaving, your lips can still get chapped due to the cold weather, wind or not applying enough lip balm. And trust me, you can put all the lip balm in the world on your lips, if you don't exfoliate them they will be chapped. One thing that I like to do is to scrub my lips before I go to bed and then apply my lip balm and go to sleep. In the morning my lips are smooth and silky and ready for any kind of lipstick. I know lot of people like to exfoliate their lips just before they apply lipstick (of course we all did that in our moments of laziness when we didn't exfoliate the night before) but I prefer doing it (pun not intended) at night so my lips will have some time to recuperate. There are a lot of scrubs you can make at home, using sugar or other groceries, but that is a bit time consuming for me, I like to have my scrub in a pot ready for use. Somehow I've only used the eatable ones and that is how I started to use Lush lip scrubs. They have them in different scents (tastes?) and the one I am currently using is vanilla and chocolate and I'm quite happy with it. The scent is not your usual vanilla and chocolate scent, I personally like it but since scents are really subjective it's the best to try these scrubs in store and then decide which one to get. Scrubbing wise, this thing does the job really nicely and is gentle enough not to make your lips bleed (trust me there are some scrubs that can do that). The fact that it's made of sugar is a plus, you can lick it off your lips when you are done scrubbing. Just make sure to have enough self control not to eat it from the pot.