I see holidays as a great opportunitie to experiment with makeup. Sure, you can experiment with makeup every day, but this way you have an excuse to do whatever you want makeup wise. And I don't mean just for Halloween (when it's socially acceptable to wear any kind of make up) and New Year's eve (socially acceptable or even demanded to cover yourself with glitter). I'm talking about Labor day, Flag day, Easter (even if you don't celebrate it), etc. Same goes for Valentine's day. Whether you have a date or not, try something different this year. I've been obsessed with pop art inspired make up for a while (I love pop art and pop art inspired anything). Think Shirley's make up in Garbage's video for I'm only happy when it rains, or Edie Sedgwick's makeup if you're not that into color. And what day is better to wear pop art makeup than a holiday invented by popular culture itself, yes, the Valentine's day. For this look I recommend lightweight foundation (I'm obviously in lightweight foundation phase). Shiseido Pureness matifying compact is great choice for oily skin (I will do a post soon about best compact foundations for oily skin). Next, you want to add colour to your cheeks. Deborah Milano Hi-tech blush in 46 or Rosa Pesca (pink peach) will give you the most perfect cheeks, like the complexion on Roy Lichtenstein's paintings. I would avoid contouring so your cheeks and eyes can be the center of attention. Add some highlight, nothing says 60's better than prominent glowing cheekbones. I already said I love to use MAC cream color bases as highlighter, this one is in Luna. Play with any kind of eyeshadow you like, I choose these two from Coastal scent, they are their individual eye shadows called Hot pot's, the yellow one is in colour CM02 and the dark blue is CM09. Highlight your brow bone, I would use MAC White Frost, it's the best highlighting eyeshadow. Add some eyeliner, as much as you want, it is after all sixties look, Maybeline Gel eyeliner will give you perfect thick line, wing the eyeliner if you want. Finish off with some mascara, any mascara will work. And voila, you can now travel in time to the 60's and blend in just fine (if you own a time machine), or spend a great Valentine's day with your new makeup and significant other.